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This is what can happen when you go too far trying to solve a problem. No offense to Muslims I have no problems with Muslims or any Faith. Now extremists, radical haters or terrorists of any religion, race or creed well that’s a different story.

I can’t help but be struck by the parallels between this and the current situation here in the US with Political Correctness, Affirmative Action and all the tension between separate factions of Democrats this election season. If you have been threatened, stalked, coerced or told to SHUT UP AND TOW THE LINE then you know exactly what parallels I’m talking about.

It’s a sad day indeed when efforts toward Democracy lead to anything but Democratic behaviours and the resulting outcome.

I think this video is a chilling reminder that no matter how hard we try sometimes good intentions do indeed pave the road to Hell.



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This is a very interesting take on the subject and you have to admit he has a valid point here.

As a woman I too am of a “protected class” and therefore benefit from Affirmative Action. There are obviously benefits however there is also always a price to be paid for them. It creates the impression that any and all sucsess is “gifted” not earned and fosters resentments and the inevitable “chip on the shoulder” from beneficiaries who feel persecuted. I believe it also fosters the idea that we are not all equal and that some need special treatment to be on level with the rest. For sure it has always been the case for women. Wrong as it may be and as hard as the beneficiary might work these things prevail.

I completely believe in equality for everyone and I think the focus needs to be on just that. Equality, equal opportunities, equal responsibilities, equal accountabilities and just plain ‘ol fashion Human Equality! The more we focus on seperating ourselves into groups and deciding which groups have the most need the more we foster not being equal. I also think a lot of opportunities like college placements should think about changing their protected class from race or gender groups to those who are economicly challenged and kept out of many schools because of that. That is truly where we are headed a a country it’s not going to be racial lines drawn anymore it will be along class lines that are determined by one thing.


Thanks to Obambi.com for the video.


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Ever feel like the whole primary was not only flawed but fixed, bought and paid for from the start? I do. Whether you do or not you need to see this video. It’s chock full ‘o facts and figures for those of us who like that kind of stuff but there is oh so much more! You owe it to yourself to watch it. If you’re an Obama supporter then you need to see it even more!

PS: Props to HRCin08 for this fine video!


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If you have been reading this blog lately or the blogs of Larry Sinclair, Citizen Wells, Zach Jones or many others you already know about this foul site run by this/these person(s) and their vicious cyber attacks on Larry and all who support him or even anyone who dares visit his blogs.

This site claims they are not a pro-Obama site. I don’t know whether or not they are pro-Obama for sure but as far as I can see the entire purpose for their blog seems to be attacking Larry Sinclair and anyone who supports him, visits or comments on his blogs.


I see absolutely no posts on that site that are about ANYTHING ELSE. People should really think about that. In fact that alone says that this is a coordinated attack. Same goes for the blogger neonzx. Not one post on his blog that is not all about Larry Sinclair. Hmmmm. I wonder why these folks have such an obsession? Pro-Obama? Anti-Larry? Or maybe it’s the gay thing. That’s probably it. They’re just anti-gay.


It makes no difference to me. They are free to have their hateful thoughts. They are not free to attack, harass and infringe upon the rights of others to have their own thoughts or to express them. They claim Larry is a criminal and a scam artist and that all the others they attack are guilty by association. They are not judge and jury however and they do not have the right to do the things they are doing. If Larry is a criminal then it is the job of law enforcement to investigate and prosecute NOT M&N!


Larry has been up front and honest about his past. Mitch & Nan are not even up front about who they/he are/is or where they/he are/is. The claim is that they are from France. A whois search shows that whoever they are they re-rout their posts through a bogus network of IP masking. Guess they were worried someone might be able to figure out who and where they are and that they are full of crap! Maybe they don’t want to be tracked back to the real organization behind this crap! Maybe that organization has strict rules about being tied openly with such people?



 The fact is that even if you don’t believe Larry (I do) the fact that the site has one agenda and the tactics used by them should scare the hell out of everybody! Why did they decide to focus their attention and time on just this one guy and then why extend their hate and attacks to anyone who ever visited or commented on his site?


What reason do they have for their BS? They claim they are crusaders for the truth but what crusader would use the methods and malice these people do? Would people seeking truth and justice really commit crimes against innocent people just because they visit or post comments at a blog of someone they hate?


Think about it. I think they are dangerous people because I too have had first hand experience with their wrath. They published my real name, email address and IP on their website along with every other person who ever went to Larry’s blog. They have impersonated me on other blogs, message boards and even in professional organizations in my home state! Lucky for me many of these imposters are caught by either me or on-line friends who know better than to attribute the crap they spew to me. We have to look out for each other and alert friends when someone tries this!


If we allow this kind of thug mentality to take over it will not be long before we can’t recognize our great country! Whether or not you believe Sinclair is not the question people should ask as much as whether or not he and all Americans have the right to free speech and the right to feel safe when expressing said speech.


M&N do not have the right to silence anybody! They may however be given the right to remain silent if they continue their thuggery.





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Once again the followers of the Golden Idiot have managed to squash free speech! The idiots at The Mitch & Nan Show (Again I refuse to link to this site and if you decide to go there spray yourself with lysol first.) have been creating havoc as usual.

As far as I can tell this site is dedicated strictly to hating, smearing and harrassing Larry Sinclair and anyone who supports or even visits his blogs. I say blogs because I believe this is the third time he has had to move to a different site after harrassment and false abuse reports made by these people.

The latest happened yesterday after Larry published an email from one Lynne DeBoth in Little Rock, Arkansas which clearly threatened his life asking 

 “One question, isn’t there anything we can do to get totally rid of Larry Sinclair?? Perhaps put out a contract on him???”

a clear threat to have him killed and as far as I know that is a CRIME. Solicitation of murder is a crime! WOW! I cannot believe that I feel I have to post that as it should be common knowledge! Yes it is illegal to suggest that someone “get rid of someone permanently”. Yes it is illegal to suggest hiring a contract killer! WOW! Who knew?

Newsflash to idiots! Threats are illegal and can and will be procecuted!

After they colluded to shut Larry’s site down again and then bragged about it online AGAIN, they began a campaign to smear and “out” CitizenWells by publishing personal information about a real estate broker in NC. They seem to “think” they are pretty smart. Snark!

Well while I’m on the subject I feel there is one huge question that needs to be asked. Is there no violation of TOS at GoDaddy.com where the nasty threats are being made? Does GoDaddy.com allow and endorse these kinds of things? Why have they not shut down The Mitch & Nan Show blog? Or is it ok by them to make death threats on their site? Are they prepared to be sued because of these actions going on un-checked? Another question. Why is it if you go to that site there is no button for GoDaddy as per reporting abuse ect.? Standard? Or perhaps M&N found a way to get around it?

Really! When will this crap stop? Are these people Obamabots (I suspect they are from many remarks I’ve seen posted there.) or just plain ‘ol fashion haters?

Whether you believe him or not (I do) the sheer amount of hate, stalking, harassment, threats, people calling law enforcement to try and get him arrested (again) and campaigning the SSA to get his disability payments stopped! I mean come on now! This is beyond ridiculous! It is very clear to anyone with one eye and half a brain that these are coordinated efforts. Attacks in fact. They not only admit as much in writing they brag about it!

I’m sure I’ll be the next target or somewhere on the list. They already published a list last week of names, email addresses and IP’s of everyone who visited Larry’s blog. That’s how I discovered them I googled my name and their site and list came up first! Boy was I angry as were many people who’s only crime was going to a website of a person they didn’t like. There are pending legal actions being taken by many of those who were harassed by these people. They were actually encouraging readers to investigate and harass the people on the list. IN PRINT! They were forced to take down the post but have since taken to the same tactics in smaller doses. Hoping to fly under the host’s radar I suppose.



Note to thugs you can’t stop the truth!


UPDATE: I forgot to mention that interfering in someone else’s disability payments is also illegal.

UPDATE: New post from Larry Sinclair with more information about this.


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Please sign these petitions and send them on to your friends and family. if john McCain who is a true American WAR HERO had to deal with questions about his birth and legitimacy then Obama is and should be held to the same standard! If he has nothing to hide then why they fake BC on his website?

John Mccain actually showed his birth certificate (the real one on paper not some fake on the net) to a reporter is Obama man enough to do the same???? I DARE YOU BARRACK!


This one is to impeach Obama for various legal reasons like recent drug use (at least ’99), ties to corrupt and anti-American people like Tony Rezco, Bill Ayers, Auchi, Farrakan just to name a few!


We need to do everything we can NOW before it’s too late! If this moron gets elected somehow I fear we would not recognize our country within a year.



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I really hope that I’m not the only one bothered by this incident.


MADISON, Wis. (AP) – Wisconsin Democrats have told Debra Bartoshevich she can forget about being a delegate to the national convention next month.

Bartoshevich was elected by party activists as a pledged delegate for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. But after Clinton dropped out of the race, Bartoshevich told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel she would support the Republican candidate, John McCain, over Barack Obama in the general election.

How dare a delegate not support the great one? I mean it’s not like the best candidate won or like it was in any way, shape or form a fairly won victory. It’s not like he’s some newbie with no idea how to run anything but his huge ego trips!

No, no and it’s certainly not that people feel he’s an elitist because of silly statements he made about “typical white people” or “bitter, religious zealots carrying their guns and racist attitudes”. No, I’m quite sure that has nothing to do with it. And the arugula thing well that’s nothing. It’s a non-issue. People don’t care that Obama whined about the “Brother you’re wearing me out! Can’t I just eat my waffle?” thing either. I mean after all we expect our leaders to lord it over us in America right?

Definitely there is no issue with the fact he went to church and listened to “God Damn America” from his mentor and spiritual guide the Rev. Jeremiah Wright for 20 years! I mean really! The man married Barrack and Michelle for crying out loud! He baptized their children! He brought Obama to Jesus and inspired the title of Obama’s best selling book The Audacity of Hope! How could anyone draw conclusions that he might share those views? Just because he tried to defend this crap as “normal” worship as if all pastors and churches normaly spend their efforts focusing on rage and hate! It’s an outrage! (sarcasm off for now)

It couldn’t be more clear as to why this brave woman stated she would not support Obama. There is certainly no shortage of reasons as you can see above. This is probably a conservative list compared to those of various voters who have problems with “coming to Obama”.

Naturally, those voters have been labled as racists. Thing is it has nothing at all to do with his race and everything to do with the fact that he is a spoiled, whiny, narcissistic, marxist who has decided that the world, not just America, the entire world should fall at his feet! He is running around the globe to bolster his lack of foriegn policy experience as if simply traveling and meeting dignataries will suffice for actual knowledge or experience. He has had to be reminded that he is not the president yet at least twice by, get this, reporters!

It is becoming increasingly more clear that the Obama and his minions will do anything and stop at nothing to silence any and all dissent. First they kick out any dissenters among the delegates then they establish a “free speech zone” for the upcoming Democratic convention to insure that all protesters will be safely out of  the site and earshot of delegates and furthermore they will be detained in this area which is to be surrounded by chicken wire! As if anyone protesting the coronation of the Golden Idiot is a criminal and a danger to society.

Are we still in America? I thought our country was founded on freedom and that one of those freedoms we fought for was the right to free speech! Dissent is patriotic by it’s very nature! What’s next?

If you visit some pro-Obama blogs you’ll quickly find out that they intend to accept nothing less than their “saviour’s” status being officially changed to that of a God. There are lots of nasty people out there claiming they will procecute and punish all who “dare to attack Obama”! I’m not kidding at all. If you go the the Mitch & Nan Show blog ( I refuse to link to it go there at your own risk and be prepared to be completely disgusted if you do.) you will see tons of posts and comments stating exactly that. They say they are not a pro-Obama site yet they constantly refer to sending lists of email addresses and IP’s of people who visit larry Sinclair’s blog to David Axelrod and team Obama for “procecution after he is president” as if it is breaking the law to speak against him, vote against him or apparently even to visit the blog of someone who speaks against the great one.

They have said that Larry Sinclair will go to jail for his “crimes” which amount to daring to say he had a gay encounter with Obama during which they both used cocaine. Apparently they have decided that it is a lie whithout any research or hearing it from their messiah’s mouth and they have also decided that it’s a crime to even say such things whether or not they’re true.

Honestly I expect IF Obama can make it through November, unlikely as that is, he will have us all in brown shirts and combat boots screaming “Hail The Obama” like frenzied lap dogs by next year this time.  Better practice your scream!



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