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Entry for June 07, 2008

Just wanted to share my little skit for Clintonistas! The title of this topic was “If this were a movie how would it end?” as you might imagine there were a lot of interesting and some very funny replies.

Here’s a link to the thread if you care to read the rest and enjoy a laugh or two.



Here is my entry or one of them anyway!

How about Obamabots stalking hillary supporters (oh that’s a reality) and they keep saying “You will be asimilated! Resistance is futile!” (Like the Borg) then Hillary’s knight(s) in shining armor show up to vanquish the bots.

News of Obama’s treachery, race baiting and many, many other illegal tactics had lo and behold come to light in a diary belonging to Michelle.

Most of the pages are simply filled with the words WHITEY! I HATE WHITEY! however there is enough written evidence to proceed with a trial against the Obama campagn for illegal campaign practices AND illegal campaign funding practices.

It looks as if the story will have a happy ending after all girls and boys! In light of the events mentioned above the DNC decided to have a huge meeting.

The details of the meeting were made known to the public in a shocking expose from non-reporter, Clintonista extrordinaire Murray!

This expose exposed not only the campaign secrets behind the biggest fraud the DNC ever backed it also exposed the major split and subsequent healing of the Democratic Party.

During this meeting there was a calling out of all party members who had been corrupted by or in collusion with Obama. These members were then subjected to an extensive barrage of questioning to see how badly they had been corrupted and which party members would be deemed to far gone.

Those who were unable to proove their worthiness and willingness to come back INTO the democratic party were ceremoniously ejected from the party and turned over to law enforcement for procecution.

Those Obama supporters who were not completely beyond help and had not directly participated in the illegal activities of their former hero and accomplice were sent to a retreat for re-training (de-programming) classes on what it is to be an American, Democracy and the Charter and Membership Rules of the DNC (as it was orriginally intended to be)

In light of all these events the DNC, newly restored to it’s former glory took a unanimous vote to Nominate Hillary Clinton, a SURE WINNER, to represent the party in the upcoming, epic battle against the republicans for controll of the White House and the Country!

It was a good day for all Americans as truth, justice and a sense of true wisdom finally prevailed against the greatest threat to Freedom and Unity was completely defeated!

At least for now……. (tune in next week boys and girls for the story of diminished voters’ restoration!

Reporting live from Washington State




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