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since I’ve posted anything. Real life has kind of gotten in the way. Work, taxes and one of my favorite shows, Big Love, is back so I’ve been busy!

First of all is anybody else out there as addicted to HBO’s Big Love as I am? Season 3 is in full swing and it seems like it will continue to get more and more crazy! That’s good for all of us fans.

When the last season ended I predicted Sara, Bill’s oldest daughter was pregnant and sure enough it’s true. Roman is scheming from his jail cell and his sneaky and conniving son, Alby, has moved in to the Big House, taken over as the next “True Prophet” of Juniper Creek and is working to keep Papa behind bars by giving the “Joy Books” to the prosecution. After all it was Alby who gave them the information that put Roman behind bars at the end of last season.

There is so much more going on it would take an entire post to discuss it all. With crazy Wanda and her penchant for poisoning people, Nikki working at the DA’s office under sister wife Margene’s name is working secretly to help her father by getting inside info in the case such as the identities of the “Jane Does” who are slated to testify against him.

The family is formally courting Ana and it’s predictably not going very smoothly. Barb’s sister is on yet another vendetta to destroy the family and most riveting is Lois, Bill’s batty mother has kidnapped and tied up Frank and dug a hole for him. He is after all the father that everyone loves to hate played so well by Bruce Dern. I hope she doesn’t really go through with her plan as he is a great character and the interaction between the two of them is always hilarious!

We are finally finding out some of the answers to the burning questions left by the first two seasons. Nikki was married before, Maggie committed suicide because she was married against her will, possibly to Roman and Don and Peg have found themselves “unhappily monogamous” (Peg’s words) as their wives Verny and Jo Jo have run off, TOGETHER! We saw the scene with the two of them playing footsie under the table in Season 1 and now we know it was more than sister-wife playfulness!

Like most fans of the show I am totally obsessed and can’t wait for the next episode. The characters and story lines are so well written and acted with so much depth it sucks you right in and you find yourself wanting more. It’s a shame more shows are not written and produced of this quality. Unfortunately there is a trade off though. You get better quality but less episodes and a longer wait between seasons but it’s definitely worth it!

So, any other Big Love fans out there? Got any thoughts or predictions?




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