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OK this will have to be quick as I’m already past my me-time limit for this morning!

I want to address two points in this post. Two points that BO supporters seem to keep ignoring but keep popping up. Pesky issues anyway!

As anyone who reads this blog can tell I have several problems with Barrack Obama and voting for him is something I don’t plan on ever adding to my to-do list.

I also post on several other blogs and forums and have argued passionately with many, many BO supporters. Some I call Obamabots, some are just Supporters and there are some I call Converts (former Clinton supporters who have decided to support Obama as is their right) the thing is that if you ask them about these two issues none will respond to the first and only converts will respond to the other.

Issue 1.  The intimidation tactics, the threats and the cyber harassment of Clinton supporters and anyone else who is not an Obama supporter. These things are real. They have been documented by many reliable sources. They are way above and beyond the pale when it comes to trying to persuede others to switch to Obama or shut up!

There are so many instances of people having their private information published, being impersonated by Obama supporters (mostly the Bot type), threats to their jobs and businesses, hacking of blogs and websites, coordinated attacks to shut down sites that oppose The One and even threats of actual physical harm and in some cases threats of death, all for not supporting their candidate and daring to speak or write openly about it.

As I said these incidents are many and well documented yet you will not find a supporter from any of the three groups I mentioned that will respond to questions and outrage over this. They simply ignore it and attack on another front.

I guess either they are involved (Bots), they are in denial (the Supporters and the Converts) or some may simply refuse to believe it because they are incredibly naive or ill-informed.

They flat out refuse to address the subject at all unless you are dealing with a particularly nasty bot and then they will simply turn up the heat and threaten you some more.

Question directed at the Supporters and the Converts. Why if your guy is so great and such a good choice would these kind of tactics be permitted let alone needed? if he’s such a great choice why do some people think they need to force him on us? if he was so great wouldn’t we all be jumping on the bandwagon?

Why will they not talk about this? Answer. It would sink him fast if the truth about this came out in the main stream media. To address it would be to admit it and they simply will not do that.

That means to me that getting the truth out about this is a high priority task. People should know who they’re really dealing with and the kinds of things he will do or allow his followers to do to get his way.

Issue 2.  Why is it that we hear and read so much from all three groups of followers (Bots, Supporters and Converts) that we must not be “real” or “good” democrats or even Americans if we speak against a fellow dem? I have seen and heard many times that we are committing some sort of crime or sin for critiquing a candidate for POTUS! Yes I have actually seen people say it is a crime to speak against a candidate. Some of those comments ironicly came from people who are not even Americans but live in foriegn countries by their own admision. So why do they get to say I am or am not a good democrat or American? They don’t! If you aren’t an American your opinion in the election does not matter one bit in reality.

Funny thing is these same people screaming “How dare you speak against a candidate!” will in the very same hot, baited, breath will go no and on, for hours sometimes, about Hillary and Bill Clinton being the axis of evil and the list of hateful crap they spew is almost endless and most of it untrue.

So it’s a sin or a crime to speak against a candidate for POTUS but to speak against Hillary Clinton is OK? Was she not also a candidate for the same position? Not only was she a candidate she is also a distinguished, accomplished (not to mention loved) Senator from New York AND a former First Lady!

Apparently it’s ok to speak against her though. I mean you can’t speak against a candidate unless it’s Hillary or John McCain. I notice the “Don’t speak against a candidate” rule doesn’t apply to him either.

So let’s get this straight. You cannot speak against Obama because he’s a candidate for POTUS and to do so would be some sort of crime or horrible sin and as a candidate he must be treated with utmost respect, not to mention kid gloves! He should be given that as a matter of respect because he’s a candidate.

On the other hand Hillary Clinton a candidate for the same office, a Senator with a record of accomplishments and a former First lady of the US does apparently NOT deserve or get the same respect.

John McCain a candidate for the same office, a former war hero and a Senator with a record of accomplishments does not deserve or get the same respect.

So, have we got that right? In other words it’s all BULLSHIT! Barrack Obama does not magicly qualify, deserve nor is he entitled to this privilaged status as the most “respected” one! If you have to respect one candidate as such and as a Senator WTF are they thinking that the other candidates (including our former First Lady) are free game?

Who does he think he is anyway? God? Far as I know the only “rule” about not speaking against anyone that is real and concrete is in the Bible where it says “Thou shalt not Blaspheme!” I dont think they were talking about Obama! (Though many of his followers would most likely disagree. He is The One after all!) Puke Alert!

That’s really leveling the playing field there Barky! Yeah! Typical Obama hypocracy! Give The One the advantage since he obviously is so out matched I guess they’re trying to make up for his shortcomings by giving him a “handicap”.

I guess since he is so inept the powers that be (Gag) feel it’s only fair to handcuff his opponents’ supporters with the ‘ol “You can’t say that!” crap! Fair? Level? Right? NOT EVEN CLOSE!

One can’t help but observe that Clinton and McCain supporters are NEVER heard claiming people do not have the right to say whatever they choose to. It’s called Free speech and both of those polticians know a little bit about that.

Well guess what folks this is still America and last time I checked it is not against the law to speak against a candidate. Nor is there a law that says Barky must not be spoken ill of. Free country! Free Speech! Do your homework Obama supporters! Look it up! No such “protection” exists. Not for your Messiah. Not for anyone.

Oh Fuck! Oh, Dear! They really don’t teach Civics in school anymore do they?




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I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit lately. No matter who you are or what your reasons are for not supporting the presumptuous (and petulant) nominee if you express them in any way you will automatically be attacked and called all number of vile things and most of them contain the word racist.

You could go on for days about issues, policies, flip-flopping, electability, experience or rather lack thereof, accomplishments (again see lack thereof), Rezco, Wright, Auchi, Odinga, ACORN, and his reluctance, no more like his absolute refusal to answer any hard or meaningful questions as is and should be expected of any other candidate.

Any question that he does not like is met with an immediate charge of racism or McCain surrogacy, if not from The One himself then from someone in his camp. This then becomes a talking point and action plan in the pro-Obama blogisphere where any comment perceived as anti-Obama is gang attacked with similar disdain as if it makes the commenter beneath human merely for making it. Free speech is not something these people take seriously. In their opinion they are free to tell you what to speak.

I’ve decided that since they obviously cannot understand making a decision based on anything other than race that they must then base their own decisions based on race. I mean if that’s the only factor they think we could possibly use for our reasoning it seems they are really the ones who are focused on race.

Yes! I think that must be it! Obama supporters are all racists! They are only voting for him because he’s black! I mean if we are, as they claim, voting on race lines then they must be too! That must be how they know because it takes one to know one right? I mean I’m reasonably sure, make that positive, that they can’t read our minds to actually discern this reasoning.

It’s often said that people hate and go after in others the very thing they dislike about themselves.

Alright I guess that’s enough sarcasm and faulty thinking for one post! Hopefully it illuminates the stupidity and wrong thinking that makes people jump to conclusions without facts to back them up. IE: if you cannot read a person’s mind and see clearly the reasoning and opinions behind their decisions then don’t make judgements based on your own lack of knowledge or your own faulty opinions. Also if they blog or speak out about their decisions and reasoning perhaps you should actually see what they have to say before concluding it is based on race.

Obama supporters I ask you is your vote based on race? Is it or would it be fair to you to assume that it is? Can you not see the faulty logic there? 

The fact is that some people will not vote for him based on race and some people will vote for him for the same reason. I don’t believe for a minute that every voter bases decisions on that. Those that do, wrong as they are, do have a right to vote for or against whoever they want for whatever reason. It’s called the right to vote. It is constitutionally protected.  I don’t like racism or any isms. I don’t have a right to legislate people’s decisions in the voting booth though and neither do The Golden Idiot and his cult-followers. It’s personal choice and as such many personal opinions go into each individual vote. Not legislateable. Also it’s no body’s business unless the voter in question chooses to make it known.

Don’t get me wrong here. I am NOT sticking up for racists on either side of this debate (yes there is racism on BOTH sides). I am simply pointing out that should they chose to vote according to those kinds of narrow minded guidelines they are within their rights to do so. Obama and his supporters have no right to challenge why they vote as they do. Nor do they have a right to challenge why I will not vote for him let alone ignore the reasons I give and replace them with the standard, pat charge of racism.

It is this Thug Mentality that makes me even more determined to keep this arrogant, narcissistic Marxist out of office.He has already joined Dick Cheney and George W Bush in their quest to destroy our civil liberties and assault on our Constitution and according to some of his most ardent supporters we “will all pay a heavy price for daring to speak against Obama”. What’s next? Thought police? The bots already think they can tell what we are thinking next they will try to control our thought processes with mass hypnosis (commonly known as the Kool-Ade)!

I don’t drink Kool-Ade. Thanks but no thanks!



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This information is coming to light through the blogger’s network. I think it is extremely important that we get the word out about this. We are NOT saying that Barrack Obama himself is involved although we don’t know either way I would highly doubt it. I don’t think he would be so stupid as to be personally involved in this kind of thing.  Having said that what is being said is that at least three seperate IP’s linked to the Blogger accounts that were shut down by a coordinated spam flagging attack were traced back to mybarrackobama.com by law enforcement and are currently being investigated.

Citizen Wells has an excellent post on the matter:


Here is another from bloggasm:


Finally here is a link to macsmind where the proof was uncovered:


Truthfully I believe Senator Obama though he is not personally responsable, SHOULD DENOUNCE THIS KIND OF ABUSE OF THE INTERNET! I believe he should come out publicly and denounce this sort of behaviour and let people know it will not be tolerated on his official website. If he does not then he is by proxy condoning such behaviour!

This country was founded on the principals of freedom and justice for all. These freedoms include the right to free speech. If we have come to the point where free speech has become a luxury only to be enjoyed by those in power or those who can intimidate, harass, threaten and over-power the voices of the rest then we must act now to restore freedom before it’s too late!

It’s a very thin line these folks are walking. One blog, who shall not be named as I refuse to give them any more free publicity for thier disgusting site, makes no bones about the fact they feel they are free to post anything they want. I would agree with them to a point. That point, which they have gone way past, is where they feel they should be allowed this freedom but those who disagree with them are fodder for their jokes and their intimadation tactics, of which I myself have been subjected to and they include hateful and threatening posts, impersonating people I know in real life to send me threats and harassment. Impersonating me in other forums and blogs saying terrible things, claiming I will “never work again” (Funny since I am self employed. I don’t know who they think will fire me.)

They have called me a racist, a republican, bitter, xenophobic (This is really funny because the person posting that one seemed as though that word wuold be out of their normal vocabulary from the rest of the post.). They posted my personal information on their blog and all this because I visit the site of Larry Sinclair who they feel does not have a right to free speech.

As a matter of fact they are so against Larry Sinclair being allowed to express himself they have threatened his life, shut down his blogs with coordinated complaints and attacks, they have gone out of their way trying to have him arrested and have suceeded on one occasion so far, they have taken it upon themselves to call the Social Security Administration claiming that Larry is a fraud, a con man and should have his disability benefits (His only sorce of income. ) and his medical coverage denied.

So this is the rub. They are allowed to freely speak or write what they want but they are not allowed according to the law to stop someone else from excersising their own free speech. Nor are they allowed to try and interfere in someone’s life, job, financial situation or medical coverage! How is any of that OK by any standard?

Yes Obama supporters have the right to free speech. No they do not have the right to silence, harass or intimidate those who disagree!

Yes Larry Sinclair has a right to free speech. Yes Barrack Obama has the right to sue him if it is a lie.

No those idiots do not have the right to harass, intimidate and threaten Larry. No they do not have the right to interfere with his right to free speech, medical coverage and his lively hood just because they don’t believe him.

These people claim to be for freedom and the American way but it is not the American way at all to engage in such a thuggish and un-American behaviour.

We must expose these people/movements for what they really are bfore it is too late! If this kind of behaviour is tolerated even sanctioned by not only those who have the power to do something about it but also by the rest of us allowing this to stand then we will be seeing more of our hard won freedoms going by the wayside! We must stand up to the thugs and bullies and Senator Obama must do so also or he is guilty of condoning it by proxy!

Speak out people! Do not let this stuff stand!



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Once again the followers of the Golden Idiot have managed to squash free speech! The idiots at The Mitch & Nan Show (Again I refuse to link to this site and if you decide to go there spray yourself with lysol first.) have been creating havoc as usual.

As far as I can tell this site is dedicated strictly to hating, smearing and harrassing Larry Sinclair and anyone who supports or even visits his blogs. I say blogs because I believe this is the third time he has had to move to a different site after harrassment and false abuse reports made by these people.

The latest happened yesterday after Larry published an email from one Lynne DeBoth in Little Rock, Arkansas which clearly threatened his life asking 

 “One question, isn’t there anything we can do to get totally rid of Larry Sinclair?? Perhaps put out a contract on him???”

a clear threat to have him killed and as far as I know that is a CRIME. Solicitation of murder is a crime! WOW! I cannot believe that I feel I have to post that as it should be common knowledge! Yes it is illegal to suggest that someone “get rid of someone permanently”. Yes it is illegal to suggest hiring a contract killer! WOW! Who knew?

Newsflash to idiots! Threats are illegal and can and will be procecuted!

After they colluded to shut Larry’s site down again and then bragged about it online AGAIN, they began a campaign to smear and “out” CitizenWells by publishing personal information about a real estate broker in NC. They seem to “think” they are pretty smart. Snark!

Well while I’m on the subject I feel there is one huge question that needs to be asked. Is there no violation of TOS at GoDaddy.com where the nasty threats are being made? Does GoDaddy.com allow and endorse these kinds of things? Why have they not shut down The Mitch & Nan Show blog? Or is it ok by them to make death threats on their site? Are they prepared to be sued because of these actions going on un-checked? Another question. Why is it if you go to that site there is no button for GoDaddy as per reporting abuse ect.? Standard? Or perhaps M&N found a way to get around it?

Really! When will this crap stop? Are these people Obamabots (I suspect they are from many remarks I’ve seen posted there.) or just plain ‘ol fashion haters?

Whether you believe him or not (I do) the sheer amount of hate, stalking, harassment, threats, people calling law enforcement to try and get him arrested (again) and campaigning the SSA to get his disability payments stopped! I mean come on now! This is beyond ridiculous! It is very clear to anyone with one eye and half a brain that these are coordinated efforts. Attacks in fact. They not only admit as much in writing they brag about it!

I’m sure I’ll be the next target or somewhere on the list. They already published a list last week of names, email addresses and IP’s of everyone who visited Larry’s blog. That’s how I discovered them I googled my name and their site and list came up first! Boy was I angry as were many people who’s only crime was going to a website of a person they didn’t like. There are pending legal actions being taken by many of those who were harassed by these people. They were actually encouraging readers to investigate and harass the people on the list. IN PRINT! They were forced to take down the post but have since taken to the same tactics in smaller doses. Hoping to fly under the host’s radar I suppose.



Note to thugs you can’t stop the truth!


UPDATE: I forgot to mention that interfering in someone else’s disability payments is also illegal.

UPDATE: New post from Larry Sinclair with more information about this.


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Anyone following the saga of Obamamania can and most likely has heard of Larry Sinclair. If you haven’t you should go to youtube and check it out. Here is a video of Sinclair and his allegations of Cocaine use and Gay sex engaged in by the Golden Idiot himself, Barrack Obama.

They (the Obama Campaign) have not denied or admitted to the claims. They also have not sued for libel or slander. They have not put Larry and his claims about Obama on the Fight the Smears website. It seems to me if Larry was lying the Obama Campaign would have taken some if not all of these actions. The fact that they are not and the fact that Obama’s loyal subjects, ooops, I mean supporters have made vicious attacks on Larry, his family, his lawyer, they have hacked his website causing him to move to a new server, they have tried to hack the new site. Here is a post from his blog yesterday that shows the attempt by Obamabots to hack his new site.


Ok so maybe you believe Sinclair is a crackpot or a liar but I ask you this. If Larry Sinclair is such a liar why are so many threatening and attacking him? Why has the Great Idiot not filed suit? Why did they go to such extremes to try and stop him from speaking out? Why did they have him falsely arrested on a fraudulent warrant from Delaware? Why is Joe Biden’s son involved in it as Atty. Gen. of Delaware?


I tend to think there is something to this story if for no other reason than the sheer hell they are putting this guy through. Why would he go through all that if it were a lie? Death threats? Arrest? Lawyer fees?

Why would these Obamabots be so rabid in their attacks if there was no truth? Why won’t the media cover this story?

My guess? I’ll TRY to put this politely. They won’t cover it because they’re all in heat for Obama! Or they’re afraid of the heat they’d take over it. Or they’re afraid their bosses might fire them since they give so much money to the Obama campaign. (Viacom anybody?)

Just one more example of the indoctrination this new cult wants us all to be subject to.



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