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It occurs to me this whole primary and the splitting of the Democratic Party, PUMA, Just Say No Deal and all of theresulting chaos caused by the DNC Rules & By-Laws Committee and there erroneous decision on May 31, 2008 are indeed VERY much like a Fairy Tale.

I see it as a newer, re-spun version of Hansel & Gretel. Let me elaborate. Hopefully my coffee intake will sustain my brain and typing skills this morning.

Hansel and Gretel were walking through the forest when they came upon a group of lost children who were running from a gingerbread house controlled by a group of Hardcore Repuglicans led by a particularly evil albeit inept and clueless maniac named GW. They had barely escaped with their lives not to mention their legal ability to think and act as individuals!

They clamored around Hansel and Gretel eager to be lead back to safety and sanity. They wanted to go back to living life as free people again. They wanted to get back to working on improving their lives and the world we live in. They wanted to get back to a time when they felt more in control of their own destiny, their own reputation and the ability of people to speak freely and participate in government.

They excitedly murmured about having such good fortune! After so many years of searching for someone to lead them who was strong, smart, capable and fierce enough to stand up to GW and the Repugs they had a surplus this time! There were TWO such leaders here to lead them home! Joyful chanting ensued.

CHILDREN: “NO MORE BUSH! NO MORE BUSH!” (dancing and singing the children all have big smiles)

GRETEL: “OK! Well I think we all know what has to be done here! I say we turn around right now and go back to our homes! We’ll clean house and return to a better way of life. A more sane and caring way of life without insane wars over oil and policies that favor only the very rich and powerful. I know the way back and I’ve got some great ideas that we could talk about to make things even better for ALL of us!”

GRETEL: “Folow me! I’ve left a trail of policies and plans that we can use to find our way!”

HANSEL: “Um, wait a minute! No, I don’t know what she’s talking about! I mean really, Gretel is you know, old school, you know what I mean she uh, she’s just like the Repugs, uh, you know the same ‘ol same ‘ol.”

HANSEL: “I’M DIFFERENT! I’ve got a different plan. A plan for change and hope! We don’t need a trail of policies to find our way home! That’s the old way of doing things! I intend to lead you on a different path, a path I hope, I mean a path of hope that will get us home! Follow me, let’s CHANGE THE PATH and HOPE for a better tomorrow”

GRETEL: “Well I think we should all think about this carefully and discuss it. I still think following the existing trail of solid policies is the way to go but I’m willing to explore all the options. Whatever we do we must make decisions wisely or we will not get home and the Repugs will continue to hurt the people! Now Hansel if you have any questions about my policy trail I’ll be more than happy to answer them. Or if you prefer we can discuss this new trail of yours. I have some questions about it.”

HANSEL: “Well I see no reason to think about it or discuss it! We need HOPE and CHANGE! Thinking about it won’t make it happen! The Repugs are history anyway! People can’t possibly let them be bullies anymore! They’re fed up! They want ARUGULA!”

HANSEL: “You know folks, Gretel is trying to bamboozle you ‘cuz that’s what she does you know. I mean she’s a sweetie and all but seriously how can she lead us anywhere? I mean, she wants us to follow policies? Facts? I mean what’s next? She’s just old school and by the way did I mention she’ a racist? That’s right! She and all those who follow her too! YUP! She really has no morals you know, she’s a witch, I’ve seen it! She’ll say anything to get you to follow her. Plans! Policies! Who is she kidding right? You guys are the cool kids so your going to follow me right? Who needs Gretel and her policy trail! We’ll make a new trail home! Did I mention I’m half African American and Half Typical White person? Oh yeah and Gretel is White and she’s a GIRL! Can’t trust ’em! That’s what I say! Let’s follow the trail of CHANGE and HOPE for tommorw! Ooops! I mean HOPE for a better tomorrow.”

GRETEL: “Yes it’s true I am a girl but that does not change the fact that I know a proven path. And I am NOT a racist! I said I’d be happy to answer any of your questions about my trail Hansel! I also have a few about yours. I want to know where is this trail? Where does it lead? Has anybody actually seen it? How will we find it? Is it clearly marked? How can we trust you to lead the way when you had to follow ME to get here in the first place?”

HANSEL: “Please Gretel! I do not have to answer your questions! I mean you clearly are a racist. I can’t believe you expect me to prove my trail is real or that HOPE and CHANGE are all it really takes to lead! Such a GIRL thing to say! I mean how racist and girly can you get? I’m not even going to talk to you anymore! You mean nothing!”

HANSEL: “Come on kids! We know who’s cool right? That sweetie Gretel well she should just step aside and let me take us down the path to unity where people like her are no longer allowed to speak! I mean she’s obviously a racist, ex-wife type who will try to enforce nightly toothbrushing and things like that! We want CHANGE and HOPE and oh, yeah ARUGULA!

Well I’ll have to finish later as I really should be doing something more constructive. I’ll post the updated version when I have time. Enjoy. Comments. Critique. Whatever.


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Entry for May 23, 2008

The Day Truth Died & The Election that Was – Examples of Main Stream Media Folly in Modern Politics

I have been so shocked and angered over the last two weeks (actually the entire primary season but in particular the last two weeks) at the farce that passes for news coverage these days! Apparently these so-called professionals are nothing more than OP/ED mouthpieces even as they call themselves “news professionals” they constantly spout off with their opinions as though they are facts. They are completely sold on themselves and their pompous rhetoric and completely insulted if anyone should dare to voice a different opinion or heaven forbid, point out facts!

It used to be there were standards in journalism. Once upon a time they reported the news as it happened and did not try to influence it. Once upon a time reporters had to have legitimate sources, information and research to back up their work. Now they report the news as they want it to be and force feed it to us on every channel until, like advertising, you simply can’t get their words out of your head. It’s like some nightmare where they play really old, bad yodeling country music as loud as it can get inside your head and it’s stuck on re-play!

This 2008 Democratic Primary will go down in History regardless of what happens for many, many reasons. I’m NOT just talking about the fact that for the first time we have both a serious African American and a serious Woman candidate, this race will go down in the books because it is the first time in history that we have had a candidate win victories with 35% and 41 % margins and the press screams “meaningless”, “racist”, “in-consequential”!

Since when is a 41% lead “in-consequential”?? When in history, EVER, have we had the press try to influence the political process in such a such shameful manner? Since when do TV Talking Heads decide presidential primaries?

If we are to believe the press (I wouldn’t advise it.) winning swing states and large states with lots of electoral votes, winning over the traditional “lunch bucket Democrats” is of no consequence whatsoever! The press and the far, left wing of the Democratic Party would have us believe that they don’t need those voters. They don’t need California, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, Kentucky or any of those other states that Barrack Obama DID NOT WIN! Those voters along with the voters in Florida and Michigan simply DO NOT MATTER! Just ask almost any news pundit or better yet ask the Obama campaign and the Super Delegates supporting him!

You could ask the Chairman of the DNC, Howard Dean but you would only receive more of the same. The DNC, Dean and Reid, Pelosi, Brazille and the rest of the “Obamaphiles” should really be ashamed of themselves! They are not acting in the best interest of Democrats or the country! They want to seize control of the DNC for themselves, the elitist, left wingers.

They really don’t care about the majority of the American people or the good of the party or they would NOT be trying to take over!

The fact is it is Obama who is the party insurgent, he is the one running against the incumbent candidate (Hillary Clinton) and it is Obama, his supporters and his stooges (YUP! I mean you Donna Brazille!) that are in fact divisive. They have attacked, schemed and bullied Hillary every step of the way and even attacked former President Bill Clinton claiming his Administration to be “no different” than the Bush Administration, yet they continue to insist that poor Barrack is the victim here. “Those meany Clinton’s are racists and she’s running solely on her husband’s reputation.”

Which incidentally, if you listen to Obama is meaningless too because he claims the Clinton Administration was not much different than the Bush Administration! OUTRAGEOUS! I can’t believe they let this man speak! He constantly says the stupidest things! It’s an inconceivable feat that he has come this far with so many idiotic statements coming out of his mouth! (How about the Great Lakes of Oregon? or the 57 states he’s visited so far? With 1 more to go and Alaska and Hawaii taken off the itinerary by his staff. That would make his count 60 states??? WTF??)

Then you have him and his people calling Hillary negative and divisive! They call her Hitlery, Billary, Bitch, F-ing Whore and other extremely negative things. The media has been overwhelmingly nasty and sexist and they have been getting away with it! 

Then there’s his stream of scary buddies ie: Rezco, Ayers, Wright, Farrakan, Odinga and the list goes on and on. His lame and very thin record and oh, lest we forget his “Rock”, the “Woman behind the Man”, Michelle Obama!

Yes, Michelle-I’m-proud-of-my-country-for-the-first-time-Obama! The lady who attacked Hillary for “Not being able to run her house so how can she run the White House” last fall. (nice, feminist sentiment from a fellow woman huh?)

Barrak has threatened Republicans and told them to “Lay Off” his wife because he finds it unacceptable. Here’s what I have to say about that.

Get over yourself! If your wife is campaigning for you and attacks others for you then you can’t bitch when she gets attacked! Especially when the words being used came out of her own mouth! ON VIDEO NO LESS! So it’s NOT SLANDER! Nor is it unfair. If you don’t want your words used against you then keep your mouth shut! Otherwise take responsibility for what you say!

Even more important is this little tidbit. That is a drop in the bucket compared to what the GOP will be throwing at him in the General Election should he succeed in his attempt to thwart the only candidate with a real shot at winning!

If he manages to dupe the DNC into giving him the nomination he WILL LOSE IN NOVEMBER! Not only is he fatally flawed (the GOP knows this) but his poor treatment of half the party is so deplorable that should this happen there will be a major defection from the Democratic party on the day after the convention! We will vote across party lines if this guy is nominated because it’s more important to have a President we can trust!

Hillary Clinton or the alternative. McCain or Nadar?


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