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These people are seriously scary!

We have a couple of immediate basic tasks: Obama must be the Democratic Party candidate—By Any Means Necessary. We should plan to camp right outside of Denver during the Democratic Party’s Convention and hold anti-war demonstrations and our own left convention. If right wing Democrats try to force Hilary-Herbert Humphrey-Clinton on us we march on the convention and make sure Obama gets the nomination–By Any Means Necessary. In November, we must make sure Obama defeats the war criminal John McCain. And finally, after the election, we must be prepared to convene anywhere in the country (Florida, Ohio etc.) to make sure that the Supreme Court does not decide the contest.

link to the entire post fromguess where? That’s right BO’s website!


I think that constitutes a threat no? It has the added emphasis on the words ANY MEANS NECESSARRY leading me and probably anyone who reads it to think this is definitely a threat and it should be reported, investigated and dealt with as such. if it turns out that the campaign had anything to do with it there should be serious repercussions!


PS I am taking a screenshot in case it gets scrubbed like so many other pieces of evidence!




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It occurs to me this whole primary and the splitting of the Democratic Party, PUMA, Just Say No Deal and all of theresulting chaos caused by the DNC Rules & By-Laws Committee and there erroneous decision on May 31, 2008 are indeed VERY much like a Fairy Tale.

I see it as a newer, re-spun version of Hansel & Gretel. Let me elaborate. Hopefully my coffee intake will sustain my brain and typing skills this morning.

Hansel and Gretel were walking through the forest when they came upon a group of lost children who were running from a gingerbread house controlled by a group of Hardcore Repuglicans led by a particularly evil albeit inept and clueless maniac named GW. They had barely escaped with their lives not to mention their legal ability to think and act as individuals!

They clamored around Hansel and Gretel eager to be lead back to safety and sanity. They wanted to go back to living life as free people again. They wanted to get back to working on improving their lives and the world we live in. They wanted to get back to a time when they felt more in control of their own destiny, their own reputation and the ability of people to speak freely and participate in government.

They excitedly murmured about having such good fortune! After so many years of searching for someone to lead them who was strong, smart, capable and fierce enough to stand up to GW and the Repugs they had a surplus this time! There were TWO such leaders here to lead them home! Joyful chanting ensued.

CHILDREN: “NO MORE BUSH! NO MORE BUSH!” (dancing and singing the children all have big smiles)

GRETEL: “OK! Well I think we all know what has to be done here! I say we turn around right now and go back to our homes! We’ll clean house and return to a better way of life. A more sane and caring way of life without insane wars over oil and policies that favor only the very rich and powerful. I know the way back and I’ve got some great ideas that we could talk about to make things even better for ALL of us!”

GRETEL: “Folow me! I’ve left a trail of policies and plans that we can use to find our way!”

HANSEL: “Um, wait a minute! No, I don’t know what she’s talking about! I mean really, Gretel is you know, old school, you know what I mean she uh, she’s just like the Repugs, uh, you know the same ‘ol same ‘ol.”

HANSEL: “I’M DIFFERENT! I’ve got a different plan. A plan for change and hope! We don’t need a trail of policies to find our way home! That’s the old way of doing things! I intend to lead you on a different path, a path I hope, I mean a path of hope that will get us home! Follow me, let’s CHANGE THE PATH and HOPE for a better tomorrow”

GRETEL: “Well I think we should all think about this carefully and discuss it. I still think following the existing trail of solid policies is the way to go but I’m willing to explore all the options. Whatever we do we must make decisions wisely or we will not get home and the Repugs will continue to hurt the people! Now Hansel if you have any questions about my policy trail I’ll be more than happy to answer them. Or if you prefer we can discuss this new trail of yours. I have some questions about it.”

HANSEL: “Well I see no reason to think about it or discuss it! We need HOPE and CHANGE! Thinking about it won’t make it happen! The Repugs are history anyway! People can’t possibly let them be bullies anymore! They’re fed up! They want ARUGULA!”

HANSEL: “You know folks, Gretel is trying to bamboozle you ‘cuz that’s what she does you know. I mean she’s a sweetie and all but seriously how can she lead us anywhere? I mean, she wants us to follow policies? Facts? I mean what’s next? She’s just old school and by the way did I mention she’ a racist? That’s right! She and all those who follow her too! YUP! She really has no morals you know, she’s a witch, I’ve seen it! She’ll say anything to get you to follow her. Plans! Policies! Who is she kidding right? You guys are the cool kids so your going to follow me right? Who needs Gretel and her policy trail! We’ll make a new trail home! Did I mention I’m half African American and Half Typical White person? Oh yeah and Gretel is White and she’s a GIRL! Can’t trust ’em! That’s what I say! Let’s follow the trail of CHANGE and HOPE for tommorw! Ooops! I mean HOPE for a better tomorrow.”

GRETEL: “Yes it’s true I am a girl but that does not change the fact that I know a proven path. And I am NOT a racist! I said I’d be happy to answer any of your questions about my trail Hansel! I also have a few about yours. I want to know where is this trail? Where does it lead? Has anybody actually seen it? How will we find it? Is it clearly marked? How can we trust you to lead the way when you had to follow ME to get here in the first place?”

HANSEL: “Please Gretel! I do not have to answer your questions! I mean you clearly are a racist. I can’t believe you expect me to prove my trail is real or that HOPE and CHANGE are all it really takes to lead! Such a GIRL thing to say! I mean how racist and girly can you get? I’m not even going to talk to you anymore! You mean nothing!”

HANSEL: “Come on kids! We know who’s cool right? That sweetie Gretel well she should just step aside and let me take us down the path to unity where people like her are no longer allowed to speak! I mean she’s obviously a racist, ex-wife type who will try to enforce nightly toothbrushing and things like that! We want CHANGE and HOPE and oh, yeah ARUGULA!

Well I’ll have to finish later as I really should be doing something more constructive. I’ll post the updated version when I have time. Enjoy. Comments. Critique. Whatever.

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Sorry I haven’t figured out how to post the actual videos yet.

New radio ads! Check ’em out

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This video clearly outlines SOME of the reasons many of us will NOT be voting for Obama. His supposed claim to fame is that he is “Above the Fray”, a “Uniter” and a “Different Kind of Politician” yet we can see from the words that have come out of HIS OWN MOUTH AND PEN that he is in fact NONE OF THESE THINGS!

He is like a bratty child who is absolutley convinced that he is the one who is getting picked on, messed with and in general, he would have us believe he is the ULTIMATE VICTIM.

What’s wrong with that you ask? Well for starters it goes against every supposed character trait he’s been campaigning on. Uniter that he is and such. Being as he doesn’t really want his candidacy to be about race.

Right! HE and HE ALONE has made this ALL ABOUT race from the very beginning! Before you start with me THINK about it carefully! He constantly seems to be complaining and whining that he’s the victim. His surragates and supporters respond to ANY non-positive remarks or views with the charge of automatic racism. YUP! If you question Obama, or you don’t vote for Obama, or you don’t love Obama and think that everything he does is okey dokey then you are a racist plain and simple. No two ways about it! Just ask ANY Obama supporter or MSM Talking Head and they’ll let you know that in a hurry!

I know there is real racism and i know that as a person of color Obama has definitely had to deal with racisim in his life as well as in this election. However I refuse to believe that ANY opposition to him is racisim! I am positive there are people who will or will not vote for him for no other reason than the color of his skin. I am just as positive that if he were really “Above the Fray” as he says he would not spend so much time complaining and accusing everyone who doesn’t support him of bigotry and racism.

Are Affirmative Action and Political Correctness so rampant in our society that we can no longer question or discern the quality and character of political candidates for our selves with our own powers of judgement BEFORE we decide who to vote for?? Or are we so far gone we just wait to be told by the powers that be and blindly follow?

Come on people! Wake up! Every great leader has gone through a vetting process! Why is Obama being given the Royal Treatment and a free pass? Are we still in America?

Ask Larry Sinclair folks! He probably feels more like he’s in communist Russia tight now! The Obama campaign and supporters have gone to great lengths to try and shut him up. They have even trumped up a fraudulent warrant and forced him into paying for a lawer to fight something that never happened. This is AFTER they arrested him, transported him to Delaware without ever showing him a warrant, did NOT allow him a phone call, access to his ATTY. or even his prescription medication for 5 days!

If he’s such a crack-pot and he’s a liar then why go to all that trouble? Why bother at all? In fact if he’s really a liar why don’t they take him to court for slander??

Because Larry Sinclair is most likely telling the truth that’s why!

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Entry for June 07, 2008

Just wanted to share my little skit for Clintonistas! The title of this topic was “If this were a movie how would it end?” as you might imagine there were a lot of interesting and some very funny replies.

Here’s a link to the thread if you care to read the rest and enjoy a laugh or two.



Here is my entry or one of them anyway!

How about Obamabots stalking hillary supporters (oh that’s a reality) and they keep saying “You will be asimilated! Resistance is futile!” (Like the Borg) then Hillary’s knight(s) in shining armor show up to vanquish the bots.

News of Obama’s treachery, race baiting and many, many other illegal tactics had lo and behold come to light in a diary belonging to Michelle.

Most of the pages are simply filled with the words WHITEY! I HATE WHITEY! however there is enough written evidence to proceed with a trial against the Obama campagn for illegal campaign practices AND illegal campaign funding practices.

It looks as if the story will have a happy ending after all girls and boys! In light of the events mentioned above the DNC decided to have a huge meeting.

The details of the meeting were made known to the public in a shocking expose from non-reporter, Clintonista extrordinaire Murray!

This expose exposed not only the campaign secrets behind the biggest fraud the DNC ever backed it also exposed the major split and subsequent healing of the Democratic Party.

During this meeting there was a calling out of all party members who had been corrupted by or in collusion with Obama. These members were then subjected to an extensive barrage of questioning to see how badly they had been corrupted and which party members would be deemed to far gone.

Those who were unable to proove their worthiness and willingness to come back INTO the democratic party were ceremoniously ejected from the party and turned over to law enforcement for procecution.

Those Obama supporters who were not completely beyond help and had not directly participated in the illegal activities of their former hero and accomplice were sent to a retreat for re-training (de-programming) classes on what it is to be an American, Democracy and the Charter and Membership Rules of the DNC (as it was orriginally intended to be)

In light of all these events the DNC, newly restored to it’s former glory took a unanimous vote to Nominate Hillary Clinton, a SURE WINNER, to represent the party in the upcoming, epic battle against the republicans for controll of the White House and the Country!

It was a good day for all Americans as truth, justice and a sense of true wisdom finally prevailed against the greatest threat to Freedom and Unity was completely defeated!

At least for now……. (tune in next week boys and girls for the story of diminished voters’ restoration!

Reporting live from Washington State



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Entry for June 06, 2008

Well folks, I’ve decided that if the DNC does not overturn the illegal decision made at the May 31, 2008 Rules & By-Laws committee I will leave the party.

Funny, in spite of what Obama supporters think this decision which will be made by many including but not limited to the 18 million Clinton supporters is NOT an act of dis-loyalty to the party. In fact, it is made completely FOR party loyalty!

You see once upon a time there was this party which stood for equality for all regardless of race, religion, sex, age, economic status, oh, I could go on but I think it’s evident what I mean here and they stood for American Values as laid out by our founding fathers. (Where were the mothers in this? Why weren’t they asked to participate? OK that’s another blog-post. I digress.)

Those principals can be summed up pretty well with just a few words:


That means ALL the people who PARTICIPATE! It does not mean some of the people, or some votes mean more than others. It does not mean vote counts can be changed to reflect voters that DID NOT VOTE nor does it mean votes can be changed to the candidate a committee decides to favor.

There is a lot of talk about Obama as the nominee. FACT: he is the “presumptive” nominee! he does not have enough pledged delegates to secure the nomination. Super delegates put him over the top and they can change their votes back and forth as many times as they want to between now and the convention.

Clinton is suspending her campaign for now but keeping her delegates. She will be here to save the party from itself when Obama implodes as he surely will.

Meantime, I and many like me who were protesting and screaming COUNT THE VOTES! EVERY VOTE COUNTS! in 2004, and are now screaming COUNT THE VOTES IN 2008 will rest assured, be here in the future when someone uses this decision as precedent to change YOUR VOTE.

We will still be here screaming COUNT THE VOTES! So go ahead, rest on your laurels Oabma supporters. We will be here to defend your rights, as usual!

Americans 1st, Democrats 2nd!

One voice, one vote! Every vote counts!


PUMA – Party Unity My Ass!

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Entry for June 01, 2008

A Sad Day For Democracy

I watched the entire DNC Rules & Bylaws Committee meeting yesterday on C-Span via the net. It was a really long meeting and the committee also took a really long lunch (2 3/4 hours) and took that little opportunity to meet behind closed doors completely flying in the face of “public hearings” as we were led to believe it would be!

During this long meeting there were many impassioned speakers. I was quite proud of the truly brilliant statements of some of my fellow democrats. And then there were some who felt more strongly about their agendas than the democratic process itself.

Now before you start accusing me of partisanship, hear me out. No matter which side of the current fight for the nomination you are on the one side we must ALL remain on is the side of the people. ALL of the people.

While I am somewhat disappointed in the outcome in Florida I can live with it. It’s fair enough. The GOP also penalized them 50% for the perceived “high crime of timing” and they did allocate the delegates according to the vote as cast with each vote counting as half. I can live with that. I suspect most people can live with that. Not ecstatic but I can deal.

The thing that completely flies in the face of all that democracy stands for is the farce of a decision in regards to Michigan. Seated delegates with 1/2 vote as in Florida but here’s the kicker!

They decided first of all to award all the “uncommitted” votes to Obama even though it’s clearly in violation of party rules. Uncommitted is a legitimate option for presidential preferences by the very rules these folks claim to be perverting, er, I mean following. (Freudian slip) There was quite an argument on this as how do you determine who those votes were cast for?

During the days before the Michigan primaries it’s a well known fact that both Barrak Obama and John Edwards, having removed their names from the ballot, had large grass roots campaigns urging people to vote “uncommitted” in support of them. Michigan law prohibits write in votes unless a candidate agrees to such in writing ahead of time. They could not do this as they had already removed their names and doing so would be in effect putting them back on the ballot albeit, unofficially. (BTW Doesn’t THIS constitute advertising? Wasn’t the rule NO advertising in MI? Just sayin’!)

This point was actually used in the meeting as a rationale for giving the votes to Obama. Flawed. Obviously, some of those votes would have been for Edwards and some could really have been for “uncommitted”. The point is we have no real way of knowing what the intent of those voters was. In the past in accordance with PARTY RULES we have sent all uncommitted delegates to the convention as such. They are free to vote as they see fit at the convention like super delegates. I’ll get to the other part of their flawed argument shortly as it is the same flawed reasoning they used for the next travesty.

The next completely “bone-headed” thing they did (Hmmm…. heard that phrase somewhere before) was to decide between three options on the issue of allocating the delegates.

1. Fully reflect the actual vote count (giving the uncommitted votes to Obama because he took his name off the ballot)73 Clinton 55 Obama

2. Split delegates 50/50

3. 69 Clinton 59 Obama

WHAT? What’s wrong with allocating them as they were cast?

Here is the argument(s) put forth by committee members supporting Obama.

We have to consider the will of the voters who didn’t vote as well as those who have? WHAT? Since when have we counted votes that were NOT cast? Even if you could how do you determine who those people would have voted for? What’s the magic formula for that one? (I thought the way it worked is if you don’t vote you can’t bitch because you chose NOT to make your voice heard. Am I wrong?)

The argument was that if the primary had not been flawed and people had known their votes would count many more would have voted. OK I can buy that but how do they decide that those votes would be for Obama? Again we are supposed to read the minds of voters who were not serious enough to get off their you-know-whats and vote.

Also they want us to consider the 30,000 write in votes that were not considered or even looked at according to the very people making this argument. They were not counted and no one knows exactly who they were for because of it yet, they say that “most of those 30,000 votes we’re certain were for Obama.” Um, if you didn’t examine them and didn’t count them how are you “certain” they were cast for Obama?

Not to mention the fact the as mentioned above the voters know that write in votes would not count by Michigan law. So they were now claiming to be all about rules and in the same breath going against them. Oh, they said, the voters didn’t know that at the time. Is it not in the voter’s pamphlet? Oh, I get it we can’t expect them to read the pamphlet. Just like we couldn’t expect people to come out and vote. They can just stay home and let the DNC decide who they voted for!

So in reward for doing their patriotic duty by getting to the polls and actually, gasp, voting, the DNC committee voted to take away 4 delegates earned by Clinton (YES, I said earned as in real voters voted for her and didn’t stay home!) and giving them to the Obama campaign because you know, he really deserves it. I mean if people who had supported him had actually come out to vote…and if he hadn’t pulled his name off the ballot and decided not to bother competing there…and, and..well you get the picture.

So this is what we have come to? As Harold Ickes said so eloquently “That’s what I call democracy!” If you did not see the meeting or any of the snippets on the news go to youtube and check out the video of Harold talking about democracy and fair reflection a true and loyal champion of the voters he is!

In 2004 every democrat I know was screaming “COUNT THE VOTES” from the rooftops yet here we are in 2008 and we actually have Party leaders, the DNC Rules & By-laws Committee no less, VOTING NOT TO COUNT VOTES! Actual democrats arguing to change the actual will of the voters!

You cannot give delegates earned by one candidate to another. You cannot use “judgment” to discern the will of “uncommitted” votes and you cannot discern the will of votes that were not ever cast!

I have been a democrat since before I could actually vote. If this is not righted and the DNC is going to start substituting their judgment for the will of the people I will change my party! I have given a lot to the dems but if the corrupt forces within cannot be contained I and many others like me will be affiliating ourselves with a party that can adhere to it’s own rules and to democracy! I don’t want a republican in office but if they continue to shove this sub-par candidate for the nominee that is exactly what will happen!

It’s far from over! I love my party and I will fight for it! The credentials committee has the ball in their court now! Denver here we come! Democrats must stand for democracy! If this party has been hi-jacked so severely by far left opportunists that they cannot solve this dilemma I and many others like me will vote independent or even gasp, republican. (Not sure I could go as far as becoming GOP but it will have the same effect in the end.)

I’m sick of people screaming about party unity and in the same breath they want to distort the will of the voters! What they really mean is shut up and go along with what we want! Let’s be one big happy family, the family that takes one for the team. It’s ONLY democracy! Shut up and unify! WE already TOLD you who you voted for! Besides, YOU’RE opinions don’t matter! WE have NEW VOTERS! UNITY! SHUT UP! UNITY!

This is really all about affirmative action isn’t it? I mean affirmative action has it’s place. It is meant to give opportunities to those who otherwise might not get them however when it comes to the commander in chief I want the job to go to the person most qualified. Not the one who we “gave an opportunity” to because we feel guilty about our past history or because poor Barrak didn’t get a fair chance because his name wasn’t on the ballot and to know him is to love him so he’s sure those who didn’t show up to vote were either supporters being “kept down by the man” or people who just didn’t get a chance to know him yet. If they had they would have voted for him.

If they are really so sure their guy is the winner then why try so hard to distort the vote? Why if Hillary is really dead, done, toast as the media keeps telling us why can’t he close the deal? If he’s so qualified why do they keep changing rules and stifling democracy? Can’t he win on his own merits? Do we really need a nominee who needs to be given preferential treatment in order to win? One who constantly tries to push his opponent from the race rather than just try beating her in good old fashioned competition? Do we think other countries will cut him the same slack if he were to get elected?

COME ON! Democrats should NEVER allow the actual votes and the will of the voters to be changed! It is what it is! That’s what voting is about! It’s called DEMOCRACY! Let’s all try it!

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