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Well we knew this was coming! Found a link to this over at New Hampster’s site:


and I thought it was important enough to spread far and wide. People need to know what is going on. Take a look:













Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal

the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation

on the number of terms an individual may serve as President.







6, 2009

Mr. S





introduced the following joint resolution; which was referred to

the Committee on the Judiciary




Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United

States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment,

thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms

an individual may serve as President.





Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives





of the United States of America in Congress assembled





(two-thirds of each House concurring therein), That the fol4

lowing article is proposed as an amendment to the Con





stitution of the United States, which shall be valid to all





intents and purposes as part of the Constitution when





ratified by the legislatures of three-fourths of the several

VerDate Nov 24 2008 00:08 Jan 08, 2009 Jkt 079200 PO 00000 Frm 00001 Fmt 6652 Sfmt 6201 E:\BILLS\HJ5.IH HJ5





smartinez on PROD1PC64 with BILLS










States within seven years after the date of its submission





for ratification:










‘‘The twenty-second article of amendment to the Con5

stitution of the United States is hereby repealed.’’.


So it didn’t take long at all for them to get started on their wet dream of having Obama be president forever did it? I think people need to know about this and we need to make it clear to our lawmakers that we DO NOT approve of this attempt at turning our country into a full blown dictatrship! We DO NOT want to abolish term limits and as a matter of fact I would LOVE to see some term limits imposed on members of Congress as well!

We are fed up with Career Politicians who stay on the payroll and do nothing for the citizens. Fooey to these people who sit there year after year collecting government paychecks AND lots of perks and contributions from lobbyists and special interest groups!

But most important of all WE DO NOT WANT TERM LIMITS FOR THE PRESIDENCY TO BE DONE AWAY WITH!  There are/were very valid reasons and arguments for term limits the main one beiong that we are a democracy not a monarchy. If we wanted a king we would have chosen to do that a long time ago. Our founders wanted no kings, no royalty just the process of electing our leaders and the knowledge that all natural born citizens were eligible for the job. Allowing any elected leader to take more than two terms is completely against the idea of a free and democratic society where no one is automatically entitled.

I saw some idiots were going on about how they could handle a dictatorship as long as Obama was in charge! Yeah! They actually call themselves democrats  Americans and spew this crap!

Perhaps the average Obamabot likes the idea of being told what to do and how to do it and not having to think for themselves but the rest of us would lie to keep the democratic process that we have used for over two hundred years thank you very much! Truly these idiots have no clue and it would serve them right if they were to get their wish. However the rest of us do not want to live like that just to teach them a lesson.

We cannot allow this to happen!


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After spending the better part of the last two years being totally and completely obsessed with the election it’s over. The outcome was not even close to what I had hoped for. Not by any means. I’m not even sure that the outcome was in any way acceptable but accept it I must.

It’s not a ringing endorsement for the intellect in this country as once again Americans proved that more than half of us are stupid. I would have thought we would have learned our lesson after not one but two terms of GW Bush but I digress.

The really hard part is not so much that my candidate lost, or even that my second choice candidate lost but who “won”. Sure Obama won and it’s historical and all that. It’s not that I didn’t want to see a black man elected. It’s that I would have liked for that man to have been elected fairly, with honor and for him not to be a socialist/marxist/communist with a penchant for sexism and misogyny.

Truth of the matter is Obama won but America lost BIG. We will feel the consequences of our actions for a long time to come as we discover that sadly, race relations and womens’ rights have been set back decades by this election cycle and all the rotting, stinking, festering wounds that come with it.

It’s been a real wake up call for sure. Not only has it made me realize how many people were completely duped by this fraud I have also opened my eyes to things I would never have seen before. I’ve come to realize that, as much as it pains me, my party is just as complicit in “dirty fighting” as the GOP and maybe even more so this time around. I see now that it has been this way for far longer than I care to admit.

Democrats who I believed were the “good guys” the ones who stood up for the little guys and women and minorities, the ones who I though were all about principals and were above all that stuff were in fact the purveyors of some of the worst and most un-democratic behaviour I have ever witnessed.

Suddenly the party that has never missed an opportunity to remind me they are the party I can trust to stand up for women has become the party of trendy, young women wearing T-Shirts that degrade and denigrate women as a fashion statement. Who would ever have thought that it would be trendy for one woman to call another woman a derogatory term for her reproductive parts?

It has also become trendy to shove more qualified, experienced candidates aside as if they were garbage in order to insure a less qualified, inexperienced, arrogant and manipulative man gets elected at any cost because apparently all that fighting to be “equal” was just noise they made to attract the boys. Gotta find a husband somehow huh?

Yes it’s the latest fashion to be seen trashing women and treating them as second class citizens even if you are one! It’s a sick world we live in when things like this become the “norm”.

It’s also the latest and greatest to make sure anyone who disagrees with you or asks an answer and actually expects an answer is humiliated, smeared, outed, threatened, harassed and “taught” that they dare not try that again!

The way forward? I’m torn about that. Part of me wants to stay a democrat and fight to oust those who are false Dems. To take the party back and return to the principals that are so neatly laid out in the charter. You know pesky things like One Voice, One Vote and Free Speech. Stuff like that. A long road that frankly, I’m not sure is even possible any more. So infested with rot and corruption and people who have no morals or principals it may not be salvageable at this point. I’ve lost a lot of faith this cycle and I’m quite sure that I’m not alone. I’d like to see the party back to what it should be but I’m not sure it can happen.

Another part of me wants to run not walk to the nearest registration site and register as an Independant, beholden to no one and not associated with the sub-human element that is in control of the party now.

Even yet another part says “Hey if enough of us joined the republicans they would become more moderate simply as a matter of the numbers and we might actually get something done!” (I’m quite sure conservative republicans would dread this and I’m not sure I could go through with such a rash action but there it is.)

It’s taken me almost two weeks to be able to even write this post so I imagine it will take a bit more than that to decide what’s next but you can be sure that no matter what I decide with regard to party affiliation I will continue to watch Obama like a hawk and prepare to defend democracy and the American way of life should my worst fears about him prove to be true.

That’s about as far as I can go for now.


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And here we have a reporter who is actually doing her job! Barbara West with Channel 9 News in Florida askes Biden some real and tough questions about his Marxist and Socialist tendencies! It’s about damn time!

Folks the station has been bombarded with angry Obama supporters and the Obama campaign has said the station will not get any more interviews with Democrats “at least through the election”! Well! I guess they told Channel 9! How dare they report the news or ask REAL questions?


You can call or write to thank them for their integrity and give support.

Newsroom: 407-822-8353

Newsroom: 407 841 9000


news@wftv.com = send letter of support to the station

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This is from Hillbuzz and it is unbelivable! Warning the language written in some of these actual photos may be offensive. I would ordinarily not post stuff like that on this blog but it’s importantthat people see what is really happening in all it’s vulgarity!









Nice huh? Obama tells them to “Get in their faces” and we keep hearing and reading the words “by any means necessary” well apparently his followers are takng him at his word!

I can tell you this much I have 5 dogs and they are not little ankle biters either! They would not have let anyone get this close to my home! First the dogs would get them then my husband would chase them off with his double barrel shot gun! If they were really lucky he might just use rock salt!

I’m quite sure that we won’t be seeing this on the evening news. They will probably lead with yet another false story about people at McCain/Palin events threatening The One with bodily harm even though NO ONE will collaborate because it isn’t true! The media expects us to buy their BS hook, line and sinker and feel obligated to vote Obama becuase “poowr wittle Bawarck” is the Victim! Excuse me while I puke!

On a happier note my husband says he will dress up as Obama for Halloween and promtly announce that he is dropping out of the race! Oh, how I love that man!  🙂



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That’s right! He may be a registered Republican but like Sarah Palin and others he has been maligned and mocked, he has had his privacy invaded and his personal information spread throughout the world wide web for all to see. In short he has become the target of the Obamabots.

We PUMAS know what that’s like. We know it quite well. You need not commit a crime, no all you have to do is question The One or speak out against him and you will soon find yourself in the same situation as Joe.

The only “crime” Joe the Plumber committed was asking a simple question of the Democratic Candidate for president. He wanted to know how Obama’s tax plans would affect his future. He wanted to know why if he worked harder and was successful he would be punished for that success. He wants to buy the business he’s been working for and he wants to keep the fruits of his labor. ( Imagine that! He wants to keep the money he earns! How scandalous! )

Obama basically mocked him and said we need to “spread the wealth around” said a bunch of hoo haw crap and basically he told Joe that if he is successfully through his hard work the tax plan would take some of Joe’s hard earned money and spread it around to those who weren’t so successful. Because you know Joe should feel bad and somehow guilty that those people aren’t successful right? I mean it must be Joe’s fault if some of those people don’t work or don’t achieve success on their own and Joe and the rest of us should be responsible for them right? Spread the wealth around!

And he wonders why people are calling him a Socialist or Marxist or just flat out the next Hitler! Yeah I said it!

Next we have the Media, Obama’s personal 527’s, jumping on Joe too! We’ve heard it from Biden too. “Well Joe doesn’t actually make $250,000 so he won’t be affected by the tax plan.”

NEWS UPDATE FOR OBAMA SURROGATES, SUPPORTERS AND THE MEDIA: It doesn’t matter how much money Joe makes or doesn’t make or if he would be affected by the tax plan. He has every right to ask the question and as a voter he deserves the respect of not only an honest answer but to not be attacked simply for asking! Obama wonders why people hate him?

There it is in print! Voters deserve respect from a candidate and any candidate of any worth knows that! You don’t ask for their votes and attack them publicly if they disagree or question you! It is not typically an incentive for support. He has to be the densest candidate ever to not see this simple, obvious truth.

They ( Obama supporters AND the MSM ) have now dug up everything they could on Joe the Plumber. We now know that Joe is his middle name and where he has lived previously. The Bots on Daily Kos have listed his address, the value of his home, his proffessional status, his tax liens, divorce records and all kinds of other private information that they have made public. A whole page dedicated to threads about Joe the Plumber.


Nice huh? They also went way overboard with Sarah Palin as we know but she is a public figure seeking office so some ( not all ) of that was to be expected but Joe the Plumber and so many more of us are neither yet the Bots seem to live to smear, threaten and harass all who refuse to worship their Idiot God.

What’s next? Joe the plumber T-Shirts? Probably already printing them. November can’t come soon enough!


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That’s right folks this is not just voter registration fraud. it’s actual election fraud because these kids are registering and voting from Ohio even though they don’t live there to take advantage of the early voting and registration laws there. And they are of course bragging about it online. What a waste of education.

Plus they know they have a great friend and ally in the Secretary of State who is trying to block any attempts to verify voter’s registrations. She claims that verifying registrations would somehow suppress the vote. It very well could suppress the votes from those who have registered illegally. You know like 14 year olds, felons, the dead, all the Disney characters and other fictional people as well as these college kids and the others who registered to vote when they don’t live there. I’m all for suppressing those. How about you?

Bot’s have been saying ACORN registration fraud is “okay” because it’s supposedly only frauding the employer for money and not actual voting fraud. This has been their claim and justification for ACORN for a while now. “Well they didn’t actually vote so they didn’t do anything wrong.” WTF?

Well they can’t say that anymore.


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This is the news report from The Lufkin Daily News:


The story is a bit more detailed especially this:

Two federal agents arrived at Jessica Hughes’ home Thursday to ask her if she said, “I will never support Obama and he will wind up dead on a hospital floor.”

If you’ve heard the audio you know this is a complete fabrication by the Obama campaign worker. Here is the audio again for those who have not heard it:

What is even more telling than the article or the interview are the readers’ comments after the aricle. Really scary how these people can stand up for this kind of behaviour all in the name of their “Messiah”. Click the link above and scroll down for the comments. You will see how far we have come from a free and open society that we are supposed to be.


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