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Vegas ACORN Office Raided:


ACORN Vegas Office Raided in Voter Fraud Investigation

ACORN’s Las Vegas headquarters has been raided by Nevada authorities looking for evidence of voter fraud. 

Nevada state authorities seized records and computers Tuesday from the Las Vegas office of an organization that tries to get low-income people registered to vote, after fielding complaints of voter fraud. 

Bob Walsh, spokesman for the Nevada secretary of state’s office, told FOXNews.com the raid was prompted by ongoing complaints about “erroneous” registration information being submitted by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, also called ACORN. 

The group was submitting the information through a voter sign-up drive known as Project Vote. 

“Some of them used nonexistent names, some of them used false addresses and some of them were duplicates of previously filed applications,” Walsh said, describing the complaints, which largely came from the registrar in Clark County, Nev. 

Secretary of State Ross Miller said the fraudulent registrations included  forms for the starting lineup of the Dallas Cowboys football team. 

“Tony Romo is not registered to vote in the state of Nevada, and anybody trying to pose as Terrell Owens won’t be able to cast a ballot on Nov. 4,” Miller said.

Walsh said agents from both the secretary of state’s office and Nevada attorney general’s office conducted the raid at 9:30 a.m. local time, and “took a bunch of stuff.” 

ACORN spokesman Charles Jackson confirmed the group’s Nevada office was raided. He would not comment further to FOXNews.com. 

Neither the group, which hires canvassers to register voters, nor any employees have been charged or arrested for fraud or other crimes, said Miller, a Democrat. 

But it’s not the first time ACORN’s been under investigation for registration irregularities. The raid is the latest of at least nine investigations into possible fraudulent voter registration forms submitted by ACORN — the probes have involved ACORN workers in Wisconsin, New Mexico, Indiana and other states. 

In 2006, ACORN also committed what Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed called the “worse case of election fraud” in the state’s history. 

In the case, ACORN submitted just over 1,800 new voter registration forms, and all but six of the 1,800 names were fake. 

More recently, 27,000 registrations handled by the group from January to July 2008 “went into limbo because they were incomplete, inaccurate, or fraudulent,” said James Terry, chief public advocate at the Consumers Rights League.

FOX News’ Eric Shawn, Judson Berger and Cristina Corbin and The Associated Press contributed to this report. 


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McCain tells it like it is in Albuquerque, New Mexico!

I’m so glad to see someone finally call him out on this stuff! Mac hit hard with a dose of truth and I’m pretty sure we’ll see a plethora of “news” articles claiming that his remarks were “racially tinged” tomorrow. it was worth it! That’s the McCain that will fight tooth and nail to protect this country and it’s citizens, ALL of them! Go john!

I’m sure everybody already heard and/or watched Sarah Palin making comments about Obama “pallin’ around with terrorists” this weekend and saw that she may as well be an honorary PUMA now as the media immediately labeled her remarks as racist.

Then we have Dianne Feinstien constantly repeating the word assassination to Bob Schiffer Sunday morning. Apparently telling the truth about Obama is racist and means you are plotting his demise. or at least that seems to be the newest, sinister talking point of the Obamacrats. Well, you have to distract the voters somehow I guess.

I guess next they’ll start talking about natzisms from GOP operatives and all the while handing out the brown shirts and sizing jack-boots!



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I’ve been swamped lately and hard pressed to find time for much but I had to comment on last night’s debate while it’s still fresh in my mind.

First I suppose we have to look at the expectations for each candidate. It’s no secret Biden has a tendency to let his mouth get him into trouble. We could all think of at least two or three things right off the top of our heads. What’s more if you complied the list from that you’d find it goes far beyond a few.

Joe has what my mom would call incurable hoof-in-mouth disease. He can’t help it. It’s his nature. He sometimes manages to control it but it is always there awaiting an opportunity. I’m quite sure many Obamacrats were holding their collective breath last night. Hoping he wouldn’t make some blunder or come off as condescending.

For the most part I believe he managed to meet expectations in this regard, though I take issues with other aspects of the debate.

Palin on the other hand has been under fire from the far left and the MSM from the minute she was announced as the VP pick. We have been “informed” by the media that she is a complete idiot and that she would not stand a chance in the arena of real political debate with a veteran politician.

The press has been pushing this theme from day one and they have gone all out to portray it as such. The heavily edited interview with Charlie Gibson comes to mind as I saw the un-edited version and the difference in the over-all feel of the interview was definitely coloured by the edits. Just as I feel the interview with Katie Couric was scripted for the spin.

In truth between the media and the Obamacrats, Sarah Palin could not help but exceed expectations. She did so with a lot of personal style and spirited responses. She showed that she can take it and dish it out and do it all with class.

So, no train-wrecks, no major screw ups. Both candidates fared better than feared and really there was no clear winner. Having said that I also thought both candidates could have done better on certain issues.

Biden, for starters, seemed absolutely shocked that Palin was not just some babe-in-the-woods that he could marginalize and intimidate with his “father-knows-best-so-run-along-and-play-now” approach. In fact, to my surprise and amusement, she actually had him on the defensive a few times and did not allow him to control the situation. Miss Sarah is no pushover!

I couldn’t help imagining a thought bubble over Joe’s head as he kept grinning ear to ear. He seemed to be thinking, “Man! They said this was going to be an easy one! Just keep from making any gaffes and treat her like a silly, misguided girl they said! Be gracious they said! She won’t be able to hold up under pressure. Be cool and let her lose on her own. Jeez! She’s not gonna give it up. She’s like a dog with a bone. Who said she could DO that?” All the while grinning like a guy who knows he’s been had.

I found it really tiring that he kept going back to Bush, Bush, Bush. Much as I personally detest Bush, John McCain is NOT Bush and it was really not getting anywhere going on and on about Bush. He also said several things about McCain not being a maverick and not being worried about the sub-prime mortgage crisis that were not true. He claimed Obama warned about this two years ago. I call BS there because he never said a word about it until Hillary announced her 10 point plan for the economy at which time he immediately took it changed it up slightly and announced it as his. Just like her health care plan and so on. Obama had no concerns about the mortgage crisis until it was upon us.

The other thing Biden kept injecting was his “greatness” as told by him. Seriously he tried to stay on the McCain = Bush thing but often resorted to blathering on about himself and his roots. Blah, blah, blah. I want to hear what you are really going to do and why you think you can characterize wealth re-distribution as “fairness”.  Or why he said Obama voted against funding for the troops for political reasons risking thousands of lives and now defends it.

As far as speaking for his ticket, he spoke more of himself than of Obama’s abilities and he far from honest about the cost of all the spending that would accompany the proposed changes. He also stated his position in the administration would be to be there for every meeting and decision to advise Obama. That doesn’t speak too well to Obama’s confidence or ability to lead without a “mentor”. (read: training wheels) Hmmm sorta reminds one of Cheney/Bush no?

The moment that really cracked me up was after Sarah Palin talked about how Americans were ready for Hockey moms and Joe Six-Pack types in office because the could relate to them and vise versa. Biden began his rebuttal with his “for you to say that because I’m a man I don’t know what it’s like to raise a child and worry whether they will make it, sniff, sniff, well that’s just sniff, that’s just not right…” as he tried to play the “sexist” card on Palin! Too funny! She never once intimated that he did not understand any of that she was stating that Americans relate better to people more like themselves, more like her. Small town hockey mom turned Mayor/Governor/Vice Presidential Candidate. It was ridiculous for Biden to try playing it that way and looked desperate in my opinion.

As to Palin’s performance I have to say she earned some respect as a strong debater. She knocked him off his game a bit and scored some points talking to the voters and the camera. She was warm and honest but I admit it was frustrating when she wouldn’t answer the question and would steer the debate back to what she wanted to get across. But you have to admit it was an effective tactic and it seemed to serve her pretty well. She’s not the first or the last to implement such strategies.

I thought over-all she came across as passionate, not nearly as stupid as the far left and the media would have us believe and she seems to have a better grasp on energy policy as it relates to the economy and foriegn policies than expected. She held her own and made some points for her team. I think she made her ticket proud. I may not agree with her on certain issues but I can respect her and I think the candidate at the top of the ticket is more important anyway.

When the time comes to cast my vote I’ll be thinking of who I can trust, who really has the willingness, the desire and the passion to serve rather thanan ego driven need for power and fame. I’ll be thinking about who can actually get someting accomplished instead of talking in platitudes about vague “changes”. I’ll be thinking about how one candidate has a record of accomplishments and a reputation for being a straight talker and the other candidate has none of the above.

I’ll be thinking about how one candidate spent time being tortured in a POW camp even after being given an opportunity to leave. How he stayed for his men and what he had to endure in that awful place because of his service to and love for his country. I’ll be thinking about how another candidate was using the lives of our troops as pawns in his bid to get elected to the highest office in the land by trying to halt negotiations to bring our troops home from Iraq until after the election because he wanted to use the war for his own means.

When the time comes to vote I’ll be thinking of how putting the country first is the only way we will ever achieve the goals we set. How it is the only way to keep our country and our democracy safe and how it is the only way we can force our party to remember we are the base and they cannot take us for granted. The only way we can set the standards of principal before party. The only way we can make the DNC accountable and bring them back to the principals we hold dear. We must not reward treachery and abandonment of principals.

No instead we must ensure adherence to principals regardless of partisan politics and electoral victories. If we have no principals then we have no party, no country, no democracy. The founders wanted this to be protected at any cost. This year it will cost the Obamacrats the election. I shudder to think what it might cost should Obama actually win. Country first!



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Bud White has an excellent post this morning about the three stages of panic. It explains in detail the reactions we’ve been seeing from Obama supporters and what to expect as time goes on. As the inevitable approaches we PUMAS need to be ready. There is much to do in the future.


During the primaries and up until the convention, many Obama supporters pushed the narrative that Hillary supporters had to go through the classic stages of grief before we accepted Obama. On Correntewire, Lambert writes that Josh Marshall and others:

started running the “stages of grief” trope on Hillary supporters way back in February—you know, from anger, through denial, bargaining, depression, to acceptance. It’s an easy riff to run, even for bad writers, so it’s been all over the Obama blogs

Of course this “stages of grief” narrative oozed with sexism and condescension. The subtext implied that Hillary’s female supporters, emotional at the loss, had to be given post-partum recovery time, but then they would come around and, for those hold-outs, a few reminders about Roe v. Wade would get them in line. That was the strategy throughout the summer.

McCain’s selection of Palin as vice president, exquisitely timed to halt Obama’s bounce, has dominated the news for more than two weeks. It has also radically re-shaped the race. By most reports, Obama is slightly behind McCain in national polls and, more importantly, McCain has taken the lead in the electoral college.

The panic from the Obamabots in palpable.

Let me suggest that there are 3 levels of panic.

Click on the link above to read the full article. It’s worth the time to see how Bud describes the psychology behind the crazies! 

I think the behaviour we’ve seen so far tells the tale of a campaign steeped in adolescence and a narcissistic sense of entitlement that Obama and his supporters seem to be committed to.

Take for instance the recent revelation that Obama supporters hacked into Sarah Palin’s personal yahoo email account. This is something Hillary supporters are used to. Sadly we have become almost numb to this stuff as we have seen pro-Hillary forums and Blogs hacked, shut down and over-run with Bots time and time again during the primaries and still it goes on now. Even Hillary’s official blog was hacked and re-directed several times.

Thing is nobody listened to us when we told them. They said we PUMAS were first of all mythical non-existent creatures and further we were just bitter, old hags who were complaining hysterically over nothing. We were just “typical, bitter, bible thumpers clinging to our guns and prejudices”, just “sore losers who wouldn’t get over it” so we were not to be believed.

The fact is that this kind of thing is illegal. Period. These people should be prosecuted.

Of course the “excuse” was they wanted to see if the Gov. was using her personal email to do business. First off I call bullshit on that one. They were looking for anything they could find to smear, discredit or otherwise exploit for their own gain. Bottom line it was/is illegal and they should be treated in a manner that reflects that.

Who has never sent a co-worker an email from your personal account? It was none of their business just like it was none of their business when they were hacking and harrassing pro-Hillary bloggers. These people have gone too far too many times. There needs to be some kind of example that this kind of win-at-all-costs-even-if-it’s-not-legal mentality is going to get people in serious trouble. Otherwise we can expect it to continue and to get worse.

I think it’s all part of the Three Stages of Panic that Bud wrote about.



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Wow! Talk about change! The DNC leadership decided this year they could pass over the most capable candidate to come along in years who also happened to be a woman and then decided to install the least qualified, least experienced and most morally bankrupt candidate in her stead using such progressive tactics as quelling dissent, demonizing a former first lady and Senator from New York, using sexism, misogyny, guilt trips, fear tactics and falsley painting those who were against their brilliant idea as racists and closet republicans. They decided they would rig the primary in an Affirmative Action kind of way to handicap the true hope of the party and give a “just because your special” award to the usurper.

They told us to shut up and fall in line. They said we were all old, white, typical, bitter, hysterical, menopausal, lesbian bitches and that we needed to STFU! Again I’m reminded of just how progressive this was! Snark!

They told us they didn’t need our votes, didn’t want our votes and they could care less that voters were leaving the party in droves. They said they had new voters!

We all know how the new voter thing usually works out.

They refused to give the job to the best candidate and then they refused to give the candidate the respect she deserved and earned even though many, many men had come before her and had not done nearly as well as she had and they had automaticly received that respect.

They tried to keep her out of the nomination, out of the traditionalRoll Call vote and then when pressured they gave in but only to a scripted, shortened and fake version that falsley made it look as though their candidate was chosen unanimously. They spent way too much money on a grand coronation ceremony to make The One feel he was suffieciently worshipped.

After all that what bang did they get for their buck? Nada, zip, zilch. A minimal bounce in the polls immediately cancelled by the competition’s announcement of VP choice.

The republicans and John McCain spoke loud and clear to Hillary supporters and to all women today when they announced Governor Sarah Palin as the running mate for the general Election in November.

Here’s a video of the speech:

That’s right folks. The democrats call themselves the progressive party but they don’t walk the walk. They called Hillary Clinton a Bitch, a Whore and a Monster among other things. They went on ad nausem about former president Bill Clinton supposedly being a liability. (Didn’t mind using him for thier faux unity affair this week though. ) We heard about cankles and “size 22 pantsuits bursting at the seams” and all kinds of progressive things. (Don’t you dare say anythingabout Michelle Obama though lest you be chided by The One and called a sexist creep by the bots.)

All their crapola about being the progressive party and them trying to use this election which should have been a slam dunk as a teaching moment about race. (Mostly they wanted to make themselves look good and well, progressive.) Yet thanks to them now it will be the republicans NOT the democrats who finally break that glass ceiling.

Thanks DNC for nothing. We put those 18 million cracks there so you could throw away the one hope we had for true change in this country and we could get trumped by the GOP! Great going! Remind me never to ask the DNC for their help again on anything!

If you notice Gov. Palin actually acknowledges and thanks Gerraldine Farraro and Hillary Clinton for paving the way for her. She admits that she could not be there without their hard work and determination. The crowd cheers at this and the mention of breaking that glass ceiling! Yup! Republicans were cheering for Hillary Clinton! Unlike her own party who abandoned her and called her and her supporters every sexist thing they could.

It was democrats who were calling out for her to “Iron my shirt” and “go home and bake cookies”. My, my what a progressive bunch! So while the democrats were trampling on women the GOP was actually lifting one up and celebrating her and the aniversary of women’s right to vote! I thought they were supposed to be the non-progresive party?

I will never vote for Obama. he is not qualified or the right person for the job. In fact he is a dangerous man in my opinion. Smart like a fox, or a snake-oil salesman.

I have been a democrat my whole life and will vote against my own party in November for the first time ever. I will not reward the treachery and bad behaviour that was rampant in this cycle. If we allow them to get away with that this time mark my words the next time will be far worse.

It will be third party for me unless it’s so close I fear Obama will win. Then I would have to vote republican. I never thought I’d say that before this primary and election year. I really hope I don’t have to but if I do at least I will feel a little better knowing that McCain was at least paying attention to what was going on. He didn’t have his head so far up Obama’s ass that he could not see they were alienating half the party.

Is it a strategy to win on his part? Of course it is but he did not make this decision lightly or based soley on Gov. Palin’s womanhood. She is very much in line with his own policies and beliefs and she was a good choice for him.

The Obamabots have already begun attacking her and McCain for choosing her.  Shocked! Aren’t you?

They’ve alredy begun hacking on her inexperience. Now THAT’S a real laugh considering Obama has zip for experience really and no accomplishments. Senators legislate, Governors actualy rule and lead.

Then they tried out the ‘ol sexism. What about her five kids? Who will raise the if thieir mother is working as VP? Um.. her husband who is a Native American, commercial fisherman, off season oil field worker, champion snow-mobile racer and for now a stay at home Dad. In other words a truly progressive male.

Next it was all about how environmentally irresponsible it is for her to have five children. One blog buddy pointed out that if that was a problem they might want to check into the breeding habits of the Kennedeys. Touche! Besides we are not communist China where they implement a one child policy.  At least not yet. Give ’em time.

Apparently to the Obamacrats any women are fair game except of course Michelle who is such a paragon of grace and humility. Puke!

For the record I will not make sexist remarks about Mrs. Obama. Nor will I stand for those remarks from anyone else. I won’t stand for those kind of remarks about ANY woman. In this day and age it is unacceptable to treat others in this fashion. But then again Obamacrats do make thieir own rules and standards of acceptability.

In four years and in the meantime we real democrats will work dillegently to take our party back and we will prevail. It may be that Hillary Clinton did the work for someone else to reap the benifits but you know what? Women don’t care as much about who breaks the barriers as the fact that they get broken.

Hillary will be back and she will be better and smarter for the experience. She will be president and all those Obamacrats will probably shit their pants. Too bad!

I must say McCain has learned a thing or two from his first trip to the rodeo. Both from the crap he took from his own party and from the crap he saw Hillary take from hers. He watched and he learned from it. He used what he learned to do what he will. He just won the elction.

The DNC and Obama have only themselves to blame. They handed it to him on a platter. While they were making noise about change the GOP was actually affecting it.

Thanks again Obamacrats for nothing!



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