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Very interesting post on   http://obambi.wordpress.com/2008/08/13/payoffmedia/ makes one wonder if this is all bought and paid for. As in The One must have the best agent money can buy. Hollywood probably hand picked for him. If anybody knows how to fool the public it’s Hollywood right? It’s not to far a stretch to specualte this after all The One was taking acting lessons from George Clooney too.

Listen I have nothing against Hollywood in general. I like that they produce entertainment even if I don’t like everything produced. I simply excersise my right to free choice and change the channel/DVD/CD or whatever. Problem solved. Crisis averted.  I’m not one  who believes in restricting artists just what I choose to view/hear ect. (I confess I really, really wish the Reality TV folks would just get their own channel so I didn’t have to surf past them but I digress.)

I’m also not one who believes in restricting what news does/does not get reported with a few exceptions for National Security and such. I don’t think it’s smart to report that you are in such and such place with the troops getting ready to attack …or such and such precautions have been taken to prevent access from terrorists. You know I understand we have to censor things like that to protect ourselves but should that extend to protecting political candidates from scandals of their own making? Isn’t that helping to create a false image? Is that even ethical by any standard of journalism?

Yes, I do want to know if someone paid the media to keep the Edwards fiasco under wraps. I want to know if someone is being paid NOT to vet Obama in a serious manner. Are the Media being paid to keep the Larry Sinclair story under wraps? How about the Odinga, Rezco, Auchi and Ayers stories? George Soros’ real connections to Obama and the coup of the Democratic Party? How about ACORN and the falsified voter registration scandal? Um…. the (fake) birth certificate?

We know that the media has colluded with the DNC in protecting The One for their own reasons. The question is what are those reasons and/or are they related in any way to money and/or special considerations?

We know that most of the media refuses to report that the PUMA and JSND movement is real, headed by real democrats who are fed up not closet republicans and that they are gaining any traction. They are for the most part participating in the DNC created myth that the party is unified. Paid for?

How about the latest article from the “Seriously You’re Still Calling Yourselves A News Network?” folks at CNN.


But it would be the first time in the modern era of presidential primaries that a losing candidate has so visibly endorsed an opponent so many months before the convention, and then gone on to have his or her name placed in nomination.

According to this phony bit we are supposed to imagine that it is not customary to have a traditional roll call vote at the Democratic Convention. No, of couse it’s not! That’s why it’s always refered to as TRADITIONAL. Because it’s not CUSTOMARY right? Cheeeez and Crackers! Who is paying for this tripe might we ask? Who indeed?

This couldn’t possibly be a smoke screen to hide the fact that The One is afraid, yes VERY AFRAID of his former opponent could it?



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This is what can happen when you go too far trying to solve a problem. No offense to Muslims I have no problems with Muslims or any Faith. Now extremists, radical haters or terrorists of any religion, race or creed well that’s a different story.

I can’t help but be struck by the parallels between this and the current situation here in the US with Political Correctness, Affirmative Action and all the tension between separate factions of Democrats this election season. If you have been threatened, stalked, coerced or told to SHUT UP AND TOW THE LINE then you know exactly what parallels I’m talking about.

It’s a sad day indeed when efforts toward Democracy lead to anything but Democratic behaviours and the resulting outcome.

I think this video is a chilling reminder that no matter how hard we try sometimes good intentions do indeed pave the road to Hell.


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If you have been reading this blog lately or the blogs of Larry Sinclair, Citizen Wells, Zach Jones or many others you already know about this foul site run by this/these person(s) and their vicious cyber attacks on Larry and all who support him or even anyone who dares visit his blogs.

This site claims they are not a pro-Obama site. I don’t know whether or not they are pro-Obama for sure but as far as I can see the entire purpose for their blog seems to be attacking Larry Sinclair and anyone who supports him, visits or comments on his blogs.


I see absolutely no posts on that site that are about ANYTHING ELSE. People should really think about that. In fact that alone says that this is a coordinated attack. Same goes for the blogger neonzx. Not one post on his blog that is not all about Larry Sinclair. Hmmmm. I wonder why these folks have such an obsession? Pro-Obama? Anti-Larry? Or maybe it’s the gay thing. That’s probably it. They’re just anti-gay.


It makes no difference to me. They are free to have their hateful thoughts. They are not free to attack, harass and infringe upon the rights of others to have their own thoughts or to express them. They claim Larry is a criminal and a scam artist and that all the others they attack are guilty by association. They are not judge and jury however and they do not have the right to do the things they are doing. If Larry is a criminal then it is the job of law enforcement to investigate and prosecute NOT M&N!


Larry has been up front and honest about his past. Mitch & Nan are not even up front about who they/he are/is or where they/he are/is. The claim is that they are from France. A whois search shows that whoever they are they re-rout their posts through a bogus network of IP masking. Guess they were worried someone might be able to figure out who and where they are and that they are full of crap! Maybe they don’t want to be tracked back to the real organization behind this crap! Maybe that organization has strict rules about being tied openly with such people?



 The fact is that even if you don’t believe Larry (I do) the fact that the site has one agenda and the tactics used by them should scare the hell out of everybody! Why did they decide to focus their attention and time on just this one guy and then why extend their hate and attacks to anyone who ever visited or commented on his site?


What reason do they have for their BS? They claim they are crusaders for the truth but what crusader would use the methods and malice these people do? Would people seeking truth and justice really commit crimes against innocent people just because they visit or post comments at a blog of someone they hate?


Think about it. I think they are dangerous people because I too have had first hand experience with their wrath. They published my real name, email address and IP on their website along with every other person who ever went to Larry’s blog. They have impersonated me on other blogs, message boards and even in professional organizations in my home state! Lucky for me many of these imposters are caught by either me or on-line friends who know better than to attribute the crap they spew to me. We have to look out for each other and alert friends when someone tries this!


If we allow this kind of thug mentality to take over it will not be long before we can’t recognize our great country! Whether or not you believe Sinclair is not the question people should ask as much as whether or not he and all Americans have the right to free speech and the right to feel safe when expressing said speech.


M&N do not have the right to silence anybody! They may however be given the right to remain silent if they continue their thuggery.





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Entry for February 13, 2008

This is not the first time I’ve heard or read about the effects of Karl Rove in his “behind the scenes” attempt to thwart the Clinton campiagn.


It’s a long article but worth the time reading. He is the guy who helped GW steal teh last two elections. Remember?

Here is another site that I found some very interesting information on.


Here is a letter to Obama and the response the writer got back!

My Message to Senator Obama
I sent this via his website to Sen. Obama

Senator Obama,

I admit I am a supporter of Senator Clinton however, I am a proud democrat who will give my vote to whoever the nominee is. Senator, some of your supporters have been harassing us on the Clinton site. Saying things like “Anyone who supports Clinton are braindead primates” any many other intolerant things. We welcome debate Senator, but sir, I am going to have problems voting for you in the General Election if you get the nomination when I think of who your supporters are and what kind of people they are, and yes sir, what kind of moral values they have. I would appreciate it so much if you could please ask your supporters to be more tolerant. I, and other supporters of Senator Clinton would ever so appreciate it.


Jake – OH

Any thoughts? I think I handled it well…Also a note to any Obama supporters out there. Some of you really want to debate I am referencing to a minority here who have been very very very very obnoxious.

Everyone intrested in being bemused…
Anyone who saw my last post knows I sent a letter via email to Senator Obama about the flamers we have on this site. What did I get back?

Jake —

Find your early vote location
Vote absentee by mail
Here in Ohio, you don’t have to wait another day to cast your vote for Barack Obama.

Our primary is scheduled for March 4th, but registered Ohio voters have two ways to vote early and make their voices heard right now:

1. Vote Absentee In Person

Early absentee voting is happening at your county board of elections office every weekday and the Saturday before the election.

Use our online tool to find your early voting location and vote Absentee In Person for Barack:


Barack won the most states and the most delegates on Super Tuesday, and he has won every contest since. But the race for the Democratic nomination is still extremely close.

Ohio is one of the largest and closest of the remaining states, and we need to win every vote and every delegate we can.

Early voting is a great way to show your family, friends, and neighbors that you’ve made up your mind and you’re supporting Barack Obama.

And, if you plan to volunteer for the campaign on Election Day, early voting is a great way to make sure you are free all day long.

Find your location to vote early as an Absentee In Person voter:


Learn more about the early vote process and vote Absentee by Mail:


Thanks for supporting Barack and for casting your vote early,


Paul Tewes
Ohio State Director
Obama for America


Oh my Lord, smart enough to be republicans? I know it is probably a bot/automated thing but it still annoys me…

2. Vote Absentee By Mail

Any registered voter in Ohio may request and cast an absentee ballot. You do not need to have a specific reason to vote absentee.

The deadline for submitting an Absentee Ballot Application by mail is March 1st, but it is strongly encouraged that you mail your application no later than Wednesday, February 20th.

Find out more about early voting, print an application for an absentee ballot, and share early voting information with your friends and family here:

  Mr Obama’s campaign is energized by fanatic cult
followers! They ( in general ) do not care about issues
and they are rude!
  I’m not at all surprised that they completely ignored what you said and instead tried to pressure you into voting for him NOW!

Shows how uncaring, and self involved his campaign really is.



Feb 13, 2008 1:22 PM

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The Media Needs to be Spanked!
Honestly, I believe it’s time for all of us to stand up for what is right and force the media to take a long look at themselves!

I think they have forgotten their job is to report on the news that has happened. NOT to tell us what is and isn’t news and what our opinion is or isn’t. It used to work that way. The votes would be cast, counted, certified and THEN they would be reported! The candidates and issues were scrutinized and carefully dissected, ALL of the candidates and issues, not just the ones the media decided to support!

Once upon a time the media were expected to be un-biased as well they should be. Now they decide what and who they think is worth reporting on and they expect us to buy it all hook , line and sinker.

Well I say B**S***! Go back to doing your job! Report the news. ALL of the news and don’t presume to tell us what to think, who to vote for, or for that matter anything else! Just report the news as it happens!

Every time Obama has attacked Hillary or made untrue statements about her the media thinks he’s so cute and they hang on his every word. The guy can do no wrong in their book apparently. However should Hillary fight back and defend herself or G** forbid point out HIS poor voting record or the stupid statements he has made (on video no less) they call her racist, petty, divisive. I simply cannot believe how completely biased the mainstream media has become!

I guess the fact that all the news stations are owned by one of 3 or 4 big companies has a lot to do with it as does their bottom line. Personally I’m looking for un-biased reporting of the news not some corporate BS that someone thinks will get viewers to tune in.

Anyone else feel this way??

Edit 7/1/08
It seemed a scathing post at the time but i was to find out along with the rest of America that the media bias and the Obama Steam-rolling, Propaganda Pushing Machine was just getting warmed up!

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Originally posted January 8, 2008 on Yahoo 360


Entry for January 08, 2008

Remarks from my alter-ego CQ4hillary on http://www.HillaryClinton.com

Some of you may not be aware of the fact that apparently Senator Obama and/or his campaign workers/supporters will go to. They are flooding Hillary’s web site with a barrage of negative remarks. Every positive post gets attacked by them and they continue to report positive posts as offensive to them causing the people who go to the site to support Hillary to get their posts deleted as well! Sounds a bit desperate don’t you think if he was so confident about his lead he would not let people spend and energy in this manor!

I’ve decided to post blog comments here as well as on the site insuring that they won’t be deleted by trolls!


posted by CQ4hillary in CQ4hillary’s blog:
We are being constantly attacked by certain hostile posters who attack every positive post. Adding to the frustration of this we also seem to constantly get our pro-Hillary posts deleted too. I’m not sure if it is in response to the Obama supporters hitting the report button or if you delete them because of the negative, inflammatory remarks made on our blogs by these people. Are we being deleted because of their posts or what?

Several of us here feel that the site was set up for us to blog in support of Hillary and we would like our blog posts to remain. Otherwise why bother if we are going to be deleted? Why can’t you ban BoOtto, Sunaz, THETRUE AMERICAN, and others who are obviously in violation of the site terms of use and only here to ruin it for the rest of us?

Edited by CQ4hillary at 01/08/2008 9:39 AM
Surprisingly this post is still here! Hopefully that means the MOD’s read it and decided to read posts before deleting them. They may not have been aware of what is really going on here. Here’s hoping they ban these guys from the site and we can simply discuss without their constant interference. I keep saying their rhetoric would be much more well received at the website of their candidate of choice.

posted by CQ4hillary in Harvey’s blog:

  Harvey your right about BoOtto. He has actually posted that he works for the Obama campaign. I wonder if the Senator is aware of his activities? Does he approve or even could he be behind them? I would hope not but I am beginning to wonder.Anyone else have an opinion on this?

posted by CQ4hillay in Harvey’s blog:

Seriously I do believe there is something to the theory that the Republicans are hoping Obama wins the nomination because they think they can beat him. They are afraid of Hillary! To be honest if it came down to say Obama vs. McCain many would go for McCain because he has EXPERIENCE! Just like Hillary he has been painted as the “old guard” and “status Quo” which is a joke if you look at his record.

I want Hillary as our next president but if then nomination goes to Obama, I may vote McCain for the above reasons. Unless Barack hires an experienced VP who has at least some realistic PLANS for implementing those new ideas! Then again I don’t want to vote anyone in because I like the second in comand!

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