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Ludicrous Race Card Of The Week Award: Calling Obama a Socialist is “Racist”. Nice Try. No Cigar.

Well, yet one more Obama news guy (surprise!), who is an Obama sycophant named Lewis Diuguid  (ironically rronounced Do Good),  has weighed in with the infamous

Race Card.

It is now decreed that calling Barack Obama’s plans “Socialist” is Racist.  He said it’s a racist “Code Word”.

No kidding. You can’t make this shit up. 

McCain and Palin should be ”Ashamed of themselves”.  In other words: Just shut up Or You are Gonna Get The Race Card!

Let’s see, now. At this point, the only “racist” thing left for McCain and Palin to do is: Inhale and Exhale.

Inhaling and exhaling is racist. Stop this right now all you people who don’t support Comrade Obama!

So, calling someone’s platform Socialist is racist. Who knew??????

All righty then.

I started to surf the net to find out who the prominent Socialists were. You know, so I could point out the black ones. I tossed in Marxist and Communist, etc.,  just to preempt the next Race Card. After all, they are all part of Barack Obama’s endorsement package these days. Let’s face it. They were all the same anti-Democracy theories, one  laughingly “improving” on the other.

It all started with the French, you know.

Let’s see, there’s this guy Henri de Saint-Simon. He was this French Utopian Socialist Thinker. Here he is. Ugly as hell but looking kind of…well…white.

Ok maybe they weren’t referring to him. How about that guy Pierre-Joseph Proudhon. Socialist philosopher and anarchist. His most notable idea: Property is theft. Here he is:


Dang if Proudhon doesn’t look like just another crazy white guy to me. Ok, maybe they weren’t referring to him. Because he’s definitely  Not. Black.

Let’s see…….ok here’s a guy from Wales named Robert Owen. He was one of the founders of Socialism. Here he is. Dang he’s a nutty white guy too!  Not. Black.

Scratching my head here….. Gosh, even the great Romantic Poet Yeats was a Socialist. But he was white too.

Ok Ok, Gotta stick Karl in here because, besides bouncing off the walls, he bounced off of Owen’s Utopia  idea.  Karl Marx, author of the Communist Manifesto. Hereeeeeeeeeee’ssssss Karllllllll, looking like he carries fleas. Karl was definitely  Not. Black

There’s Fredrick Engels. Hey, maybe he wasn’t white. Ooops. He was. Seriously  Not. Black.

Ok here’s Benito Mussolini the black Italian nutcase. Ooops, wrong again!  Not. Black.

Ok, Ok, I’m not going to give up. I have just GOT to PROVE that calling someone a Socialist is Racist.

I know! How about Stalin!

Dang! White! Good lookin’! But definitely  Not. Black.

Ok let’s reach a little. Um ….OH! I know! How about Lenin!??

Aw Geeze, White again!

I can’t find a single famous black Socialist! Dang!

I know Que, worshipped by so many of Obama’s supporters, is definitely not black. See? Here he is, looking all macho on his horse.  Not. black.

Now I know that Chairman Mao wasn’t black and North Korea’s Dear Leader isn’t black either. Neither is Fidel Castro. Definitely.  Not. Black.

Adolf was Not. Black. Although he was certainly charismatic wasn’t he?

So, could somebody please tell me how it is that calling Barack Obama a Socialist is a Racist thing to say? I’ll wait…….


Congratulations, Mr. Diuguid!!!! You win the Ludicrous Race Card of the Week Award! I mean don’t let the fact that Barack has been endorsed by the previously dead American Socialst, Marxist/Leninist and Communist parties stop you from pulling that old card, ya hear????

I mean, just because he wants to redistribute wealth and ran in 1996 on the Marxist AKA “New Party” ticket is no darned good reason to call him a Socialist either, right?  Just because millions of immigrants came here to the USA to get away from most of the guys mentioned above is no reason to be concerned, right?

That would be Racist!


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 A few words about justice and justification.

People can find a way to justify pretty much anything. The only requirement is the ability to momentarily (or in some cases permanently) suspend reality. It’s like a different facet of denial in that way.

Consider this, Al Capone, notorious mobster, murderer, breaker of the law, considered himself to be a misunderstood and persecuted individual who , in his own words, was a “great benefactor to the people”.

I guess he thought that his running of the gambling, prostitution and illegal liquor establishments was somehow a humanitarian effort. All those murders committed by him and at his request were obviously acts of “public service” and he should have gotten the keys to the city!  

Apparently to Capone the law and it’s enforcers were unfairly and unjustly persecuting him because they expected him to obey the laws of the land and they intended to stop him and prosecute him for not doing so. I suppose every criminal in the prison system probably thinks the same way. It’s part of their make up. If they admitted to themselves, or anyone for that matter, that they were in the wrong they might be forced to really think about their actions and the repercussions of them. Thus to them they are innocent and wronged by the system.

The Justice system sees things quite differently indeed. If you break the law you will pay the price. Message: Don’t break the law and you won’t have a problem.

We’ve seen an awful lot of this in the last 19 months. It seems lots of law breaking has been “justified” and gone unpunished.

A prime example is the recent hacking into the personal email account of Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. It’s old news to anybody who surfs the net and it’s starting to get some exposure on MSM. Her personal email account was hacked, password changed and screen shots of her emails, contact list, photos of her family and email addresses and cell phone numbers of her family were published on the web by the hacker.

I have heard time and again from Obama supporters that the hacker was supposedly justified because there were reports she might be using her personal email to hide work related things she doesn’t want the public to see. Bullshit! Even if that were the case it is for officials and law enforcement to find out not some snot-nosed college punk who proudly calls himself an Obamacrat.

We are not allowed to take the law into our own hands in this country for a reason. So even if the allegations were true (the hacker himself admitted there was nothing incriminating in the emails) it is not the “job” of non-professionals to break the law to find out.

I have also heard that Sarah Palin supposedly “deserved” it or that this should prove she is incapeable of being VP because her email was hacked. First off who deserves to have their privacy invaded? Second how in the hell is that her fault or does it prove that she is not up for the job? Someone broke the law and invaded her privacy but we’re told that this makes her unqualified?

So what about when Obama’s, Hillary’s and McCain’s passport info was accessed illegally?  (by people connected with the Obama campaign no less) Wouldn’t that make Obama unqualified too by those standards? I mean if it makes Palin unqualified how come Obama was just a “victim” when it happened to him? Answer: because according to Obama and the Obamacrats he is ALWAYS the victim in any circumstance. It’s just a given.

When ever there is any question they automatically give the points to their guy just like the RBC meeting in May when the DNC gave Obama the uncommitted delegates and then the gave him 4 delegates that Senator Clinton earned even though his name wasn’t even on the ballot. Yup! And they broke their own sunshine rules to do it with a secret vote during their 2 1/2 hour lunch break.

Oh but they were “justified” in doing so because, well, because they wanted Obama to win. We’re up to here with their “justification”.

This is far from the first time Obama and his supporters have broken the law. Hillary supporters have been hacked, threatened, had their blogs shut down, been kicked off of previously democratic web sites that are nothing more than Obama shills now and the list goes on and on. Alot of these activities are illegal but we’re told that the Bots are justified and if we didn’t have the sites there they wouldn’t be able to hack them. It’s our own fault according to these people because we won’t just shut up and go away.

So I guess in their view if you speak out against them or speak out for what is right you are standing in their way and according to them that is a crime. I have news for them it is not a crime to refuse to vote for someone. It is not a crime to speak out for what you beleive is right. In fact is the opposite. Speaking out against corruption and evil is a civil duty of the highest order!

Then we have the fact that the hacker in question turns out to be the 20 year old son of a Democratic Senator from Tennessee. According to one MSM source he says “he was just playing around” and there are supposedly no charges being filed? That’s what I heard on CBS last night anyway.

I don’t care if he was playing around or not it is a crime to access someone’s personal correspondence and it should be treated as such. Plus they said he was the son of a “prominent democrat” but failed to mention just how prominent. Just one more example of how Obama has the media in his pocket.

If this was my email account, or yours, or anybody else’s they would be steaming mad and rightly so. Why is it only a crime if it’s against Obama but not when it’s against his opponents? This kid should be prosecuted for breaking the law and the media should be honest about the fact this is a crime and who his father really is. We are tired of them protecting the politicians they want to protect and crucifying the ones they don’t.

Actually we are tired of the media as a whole period. They should just go find jobs as hot dog vendors or carnival workers and leave the news to real journalists with scruples and ethics.

What about the crime Obama committed by trying to stall the troops withdrawal from Iraq for his own political gain? It is a crime. It is a felony. He violated the Logan Act. It is treason.

Thanks to Shtuey at http://ohmyvalve.blogspot.com/ for the excellent video!

Not to mention the fact it’s about as phony and hypocritical as you can get to campaign on the whole “Stop the war and bring our troops home” all the while wheeling and dealing behind the scenes to manipulate the public.

I suppose IF we hear anything about it from the MSM it will be somehow “justified” too. I suppose Obama is “justifying” any deaths that occur because of the delays caused by his meddling as a sacrifice that must be made in order for him to gain control and therefore “save” us! Pfffft! Don’t even get me started on that one!

Every single one of the soldiers serving overseas is worth more than a hundred Obamas! Every single one of them is out there fighting to protect the rights Obama would bargain away at the drop of a hat and issue some lame “justification” afterwords. He is not worth the spit they shine their boots with!

On a lighter note I found this on http://harddriller.wordpress.com/2008/09/20/new-nickel-design/ while tag surfing!

It was just too funny not to steal!


Oh such sweet truth!



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You know I’ve been back and forth with this many times over the last year or so. Should I just change my registration to Independent or Unaffiliated? Or should I stay a Dem because the only way I can affect real change is from within? Many of my fellow Dems and Hillary Supporters have been agonizing over this for quite a while now. Some have already left the party and I, for one, consider it a great loss.

Many of us have been considering who to give our votes to as we know we will not be voting for Obama. Most of us have been subjected to ridicule, scorn, Internet flaming and even real threats, stalking and in some cases abuse. We’ve lost friendships and family over it or at the very least those relationships are strained.

I’ve had several friends who have tried to convince me “for my own good” of course that it doesn’t really matter what happened in the primaries that it’s over now and I should just move forward.

In my experience “moving forward” is not going to do anything other than condoning the fraudulent process that got us here and therefore rewarding and inviting more of the same. If they get away with it this time they will use more voter suppression tactics and threats and intimidation to subvert the process next time. You can count on it. If you give in to it you are feeding it and it will grow.

You do not fix a problem by ignoring it’s existence or by allowing it to go on unchecked.

I have other friends who say I just need to get over my anger. Hillary lost, she endorsed Obama end of story. He has a D beside his name what else do I need to know?

Did she really lose? Who won the popular vote? Who got the most votes of any primary candidate ever? Why do Caucuses only represent about 3% of the population but they are allotted delegates in the same manner as primaries which represent a much larger percentage of the population?

What was the final delegate count really? I mean BEFORE the forced and scripted roll call that was halted for a fake show of unity. The pledged delegate count was very close before Obama decided to restore Michigan and Florida to full vote status yet they never reported how that changed the actual delegate counts.

The media and the DNC swept all that under the rug since they were already busy planning how to spend the profits they intended to make on this Obama Gravy Train.

Not to mention the uncommitted delegates and the four Clinton delegates that were given to him in Michigan even though he was not on the ballot. Now that those were full votes it makes twice many delegates he gained by fraudulent methods. It’s twice as many delegates for Hillary too. She won both states hands down. 

I  don’t think that’s something I want to get over. The day when there is no outrage at cheating will be a cold day in Hell in my book and the books of many, many people in this country.

Truthfully for many of us it ceased to be about Hillary Clinton on May 31st, 2008. That was the day it became about so much more than Hillary vs. Obama it became about right and wrong. it was the shock of seeing our “leadership” distort the rules and pervert the process in order to spot Obama a few points because I guess they knew he would need them to “win” that created the outrage and the movement that is PUMA.

They have only themselves to blame. In a democratic society cheating will always cause outrage. You could say it’s the expected reaction even. The fact that it was carried out by our own side does not make it acceptable. I feel as strongly about it as I do Rev. Wright and his racist, anti-American rants. There is no context in which that is acceptable.

Most people in this country are decent, hardworking people who care very much about the difference between right and wrong. They work very hard to live by those values and to instill them in their children. Party makes no difference to those people but truth does. As does honesty, integrity, loyalty and compassion. These are things most people feel very strongly about regardless of their typical voting preferences. Things like these are deal breakers.

I have also heard the Roe v Wade argument to death. Won’t happen, we have a Dem controlled congress. The Supreme Court Argument. The Palin is pro-life argument. I don’t know many republicans that aren’t so why would they think this is news? I’ve heard them all.

I’ve also gotten a chorus of defensive stuff too over the exposure of Obamabot behaviour. For instance my last post that linked to Hillbuzz and the video of Democratic Underground posters and their EBay listing of Sarah Palin’s 4 month old baby. Of course the fact that this was on a Democratic blog and the posters were long time members with 1000+ posts each would NOT suggest to me that this is a Republican strategy. Someone is faking it to make the Dems look bad. No it would not suggest that to me at all but you be the judge. Some people! Eyes rolling!

The other things they do also like the recent discovery by the custodian at Invesco Field of 84 trash bags filled with American flags, Obama/Biden campaign signs, empty pizza boxes and other assorted trash. The custodian found them in the dumpster and called around eventually getting in touch with the Veterans and the Boy Scouts who sorted, rolled and recycled them by handing them out at a GOP campaign event. Flags that people did not want to keep were to be donated to be placed on Veteran’s graves.

The fact that Democrats who were touting this convention as the “Greenest Ever” would be so wasteful and that they would treat our flag with such disrespect is appalling to most people. I have heard though that this too must have been republicans, that everybody throws flags away, that they were supposedly “stolen” and intended for reuse. I’ve heard that it wouldn’t have been the Dems’ fault the custodian would be to blame. Obviously they didn’t read the part of the story where it said the custodian found them in the dumpster and I saw photos they were not being recycled they were in with the garbage.

Anybody remember when Obama went to Oregon and his people set up a port-a-potty on the memorial for a fallen police officer? That was probably republicans too. I know LOTS of republicans who go around volunteering to help set up for Obama events. (Sarcasm OFF.)

I can identify with that a tiny bit however because I know my friends are really just in denial. They do not want to admit to themselves that people could do these kinds of things and the idea that it could be members of the party you have held dear and worked hard for, been a loyal soldier for, well that’s a bitter pill to swallow.

I have a feeling though that swallow it they will. They have 54 days to let it sink in. 54 days to decide to do the right thing. I’m confident many of my friends will do just that because in the end they are decent, hardworking and compassionate people. They will not legitimize the atrocities that took place in the name of a win at any cost quest for power. They will not give their votes or their trust to those who cannot be trusted.

Obama and his supporters will understand in November when people go to the polls with determination to do what is right and what is best for our country.

In the end it is far less important who you vote for than who you vote against.



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Obama supporters may never really catch on to what is happening here. They still insist this is all about Hillary and punishment, revenge all that stuff. Well to an extent they may be right but for the wrong reasons.

For myself and most PUMAS I know this has not been about Hillary for a long time. At least not entirely.

This is about R E S P E C T. Respect for our candidate, respect for all 18 million Clinton supporters and respect for Democracy, fair elections, one voice, one vote. We the people are not just the people who love Obama and it is highly insulting and disrespectful to act as though they are the only people who matter.

We saw the disrespect all around us and we have watched it grow and fester becoming so vile that many of us will never forget it. We watched as they rigged the primaries and pressured and prodded and pushed our candidate out with a parade of Super Delegate endorsements meant to push the idea that Senator Clinton had no chance and no real support in the party.

We saw the terrible way she was treated by the media who used every opportunity possible to either criticize her looks, laugh, voice and we heard and read many documented sexist comments like it was a free for all on any and all traits female. We also saw that the leadership of the DNC stood by and did absolutely nothing to stop it or to even speak out against that sort of treatment for a fellow Democrat, a human being.

We saw them praise Obama constantly, bury negative stories if they bothered to report them at all. They only reported the Rev. Wright story after the youtube clips were getting a lot of play and they decided they would look like the fools and shills they truly are if they didn’t jump on the bandwagon. Even then so many of the MSM and the DNC went to great lengths to try and downplay and deflate the story.

They had known about it for over a year but had held back on those journalistic standards we hear so much about for one reason. They loved their rock-star-money-machine more than their standards. Same with the DNC leadership.

They buried the Edwards story for over a year also yet they had absolutely no problem earlier this year reporting on McCain’s supposed “affair” with the lobbyist which was false. They refuse to report or investigate the Larry Sinclair story as well even though the “alleged former lover” has repeatedly spoken out to tell his version of what happened. I guess the lobbyist, who by the way denied any inappropriate relationship was a more juicy story? True or not the investigated and reported on that but The One is OFF LIMITS.

 They reported too that certain groups were calling for McCain to prove his citizenship and that he was qualified to be the president. They reported on the lawsuit that was filed and had no issues of whether or not they should without knowing if it was false or not. They still haven’t reported on the lawsuit filed by Atty.  Philip Berg declaring Obama may not be constitutionally qualified and asking him to prove that he is, the very same argument the other groups were making about McCain as they don’t want to “smear without knowing” yet this same protection was not afforded to smears against Hillary Clinton, John McCain or more recently Sarah Palin.

More even than all this is the treatment of Hillary supporters by Obama supporters and even Obama surrogates and campaign workers. We have been subjected to some of the most disgusting underhanded thug tactics and  threats. We have been constantly plagued with their angry, demanding posts on every blog or forum we visit (even our own) and ceremoniously kicked out of many sites that were supposedly Democratic sites like Move on, Democratic Underground, HuffPo, Talk Left and even the Official DNC Blogs were full of attack bots. 

You name it they did everything they could to purge us from their ranks and then they were incensed that we were not crazy about holding hands and singing Kumbyya with them after the farce that was the primaries and then the even more ridiculous spectacle that was the Convention.

They have heaped abuse on us, called us racists, bitter, old, spiteful and pretty much everything else they could think of. They said PUMAS were not real, they were really republicans, plants.

They have nothing but scorn for PUMAS and they are not bashful about getting in your face to say so. They have spent the better part of the last two years telling us we did not matter, we weren’t needed and in the same breath that we had damn well better fall in line.

News Flash! It ain’tgonna happen. We are not children to be told what to do and furthermore we will not reward the despicable behaviour that landed us in this situation. Most of us are quite sure that if we let the atrocities that took place stand and allow an outcome that was determined by false and in many cases illegal and imoral methods we will only suffer worse the next time around.

Every time we have to put up with Obama supporters infiltrating our blogs and hijacking our threads with their own agenda and their angry, threatening posts many of us move one step closer to voting for McCain.

Every time we see and hear Obama supporters attacking Sarah Palin not for the issues or her political views, (admittedly there is a lot there to go after as she is a republican and a lot of issues are not exactly in line with Dems) but instead they attack her for her looks, her children, is the last one hers? Her daughters? Her daughter’s with her son? Did she fake pregnancy with a pregnancy suit? Is it somehow her fault that her son was born with Downs Syndrome?  Her daughter is pregnant! She should have had an abortion and kept it quiet. Yes as if that’s perfectly in line with Sarah’s Pro-Life, Pro-Family values.

The more that Obama supporters continue to act like high school bullies and make completely sexist attacks on Sarah Palin instead of focusing on actual issues that have nothing to do with gender the closer we move toward voting for McCain.

The more they scream and rail and tell us we had better fall in line and do as they say the farther away from ever doing that we get.

This is about respect and this is about a lesson our party needs to learn. Many of us know what we must do. We don’t like it one bit. We have far less in common with the republican party than we do the Democratic party or at least the remnants of it.

The core principals and ideals that our party once stood for have been compromised by the rotten, festering wound that is the Move On crowd. The hyper-radical wing that has taken over our party. We may not have much in common with the republicans but we are realizing more and more that we need to do whatever is necessary to teach out party a sorely needed lesson. They cannot take us or our votes for granted. We must never allow this type of corrupt leadership to prosper under the name of our great party. We must take it back and we must never let their treachery stand or be sanctioned for the sake of all we hold dear.

We know what we must do and Obama supporters and Sarah Palin just make it a little bit easier. Kind of like the spoonful of sugar making the bad tasting medicine go down smoother. We will do what we must and the DNC and their leadership will be tasting the foul taste of our remedy. I hope they gag and cry over every minute of it. Tough love is sometimes a necessary thing in order to keep things from getting any further out of hand. PUMAS will administer it with help from the republicans and most of middle America.

Maybe we should start a fund for councilors to be on hand on November 5th to console them after their loss lesson.

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This video clearly outlines SOME of the reasons many of us will NOT be voting for Obama. His supposed claim to fame is that he is “Above the Fray”, a “Uniter” and a “Different Kind of Politician” yet we can see from the words that have come out of HIS OWN MOUTH AND PEN that he is in fact NONE OF THESE THINGS!

He is like a bratty child who is absolutley convinced that he is the one who is getting picked on, messed with and in general, he would have us believe he is the ULTIMATE VICTIM.

What’s wrong with that you ask? Well for starters it goes against every supposed character trait he’s been campaigning on. Uniter that he is and such. Being as he doesn’t really want his candidacy to be about race.

Right! HE and HE ALONE has made this ALL ABOUT race from the very beginning! Before you start with me THINK about it carefully! He constantly seems to be complaining and whining that he’s the victim. His surragates and supporters respond to ANY non-positive remarks or views with the charge of automatic racism. YUP! If you question Obama, or you don’t vote for Obama, or you don’t love Obama and think that everything he does is okey dokey then you are a racist plain and simple. No two ways about it! Just ask ANY Obama supporter or MSM Talking Head and they’ll let you know that in a hurry!

I know there is real racism and i know that as a person of color Obama has definitely had to deal with racisim in his life as well as in this election. However I refuse to believe that ANY opposition to him is racisim! I am positive there are people who will or will not vote for him for no other reason than the color of his skin. I am just as positive that if he were really “Above the Fray” as he says he would not spend so much time complaining and accusing everyone who doesn’t support him of bigotry and racism.

Are Affirmative Action and Political Correctness so rampant in our society that we can no longer question or discern the quality and character of political candidates for our selves with our own powers of judgement BEFORE we decide who to vote for?? Or are we so far gone we just wait to be told by the powers that be and blindly follow?

Come on people! Wake up! Every great leader has gone through a vetting process! Why is Obama being given the Royal Treatment and a free pass? Are we still in America?

Ask Larry Sinclair folks! He probably feels more like he’s in communist Russia tight now! The Obama campaign and supporters have gone to great lengths to try and shut him up. They have even trumped up a fraudulent warrant and forced him into paying for a lawer to fight something that never happened. This is AFTER they arrested him, transported him to Delaware without ever showing him a warrant, did NOT allow him a phone call, access to his ATTY. or even his prescription medication for 5 days!

If he’s such a crack-pot and he’s a liar then why go to all that trouble? Why bother at all? In fact if he’s really a liar why don’t they take him to court for slander??

Because Larry Sinclair is most likely telling the truth that’s why!

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Entry for May 09, 2008
Political Correctness and it’s roll in the Democratic Primary

Ok I guess in a way we have modern American society to blame for the current situation. Well, that and the mainstream media with whom I place a good deal of blame as well.

Unfortunately, this is a case of good intentions gone wrong, horribly wrong! We all know being “PC” is, or at least it started out that way, is all about politeness and not making folks feel dicriminated against or sterotyped.

Having said that I think we also know that often this can go too far overboard and cause the very thing it is meant to protect against. For instance, we often go so far to not discriminate against one perceived group that we in fact reverse-discriminate and consequently discriminate against those not in that group. Not the intended consequences but the result all the same.

This is playing out daily in the current primary. The proof is in the pudding as they say. Just look around and you can’t help but trip over that proof even if we are constantly being told otherwise by the above mentioned “media”.

We keep hearing how people “should” vote Obama because it’s history in the making! “Black people have never been this close before and should be allowed to be proud.”

I’ve heard them all but they fail to mention it is also an historic first for a woman to get this far. Women have also been held down and discriminated against. We want to be proud too. (In fact we ARE quite proud of Senator Clinton, the first woman to get this far and the candidate who can take the heat and stay in the kitchen until the much anticipated “cake” is done! No pre-mature “Mission Accomplished” speeches from her!)

Any and every attempt by Senator Clinton, her surragates, supporters and the occasional brave, honest news report to oppose Senator Obama is immediately met with an outcry of racisim. even expressing any positive opinions about senator Clinton on most internet message boards will be met with strident cries of the same ilk.

It is a shame that we have come to the point wher one cannot express their opinion without being labled racist even when the opinion has nothing at all to do with race. Simply stating a preference for another candidate or saying anything at all in the vein that you have questions or qualms about Senator Obama and you are racist. Plain and simple, that’s it, there is no argument allowed.

No matter that the “media” has been talking for weeks about how Obama could get the “White Blue Collar Vote” and saying it’s a problem for him (You know because of us “Racists!) but should a surrogate or even the candidate herself mention this problem and point out that she has strength in this area and she is “Playing the Race Card”. Funny, I thought she was making a legitimate point. The DNC needs those votes to win in November and we WILL lose without them.

That’s a fact. You can look it up and verify it. However according to Sernator obama, his surragates, supporters and the “Talking Heads” (media pundits) it is NOT a fact, it is blatant racisim.

I ask you this, who is being blind and naive here? Do these people really think they can win the election with their “elite” and African American base alone? Do they not understand the concept of an election and the fact that this great country is full of all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds and therefore to win we must appeal to as many of these people as possible?

Apparently they do not understand this and they are seriously deluded if they think this country will elect someone who can’t grasp this fact.

Senator Obama, quit whining and crying “racisim”. Try to stand up and be the leader you portray yourself as and stand on your merits and not
on guilt tactics. In short Senator, grow up and fight fair or go home!

To supporters of Senator Obama and the “Media”: Don’t call me racist and claim I won’t vote for a black president because in fact, I would vote for black president, just not for Barrak Obama as he is too in-experienced, he has far too many “friends” who can be traced to terrorists and he is not qualified for the job. Oh, yeah I almost forgot the last and most important reason: He can’t win because of the above mentioned faults and the “Anti-American, Anti-White vibes he gives off. Most voters don’t care for that kind of stuff.

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Entry for April 25, 2008

OK I cannot remain silent! (A fact that many of you have known for quite a while now! LOL!) I absolutely must say this about the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.


If you leave politics aside (which I admit I have a hard time doing so in this instance but for the sake of argument we’ll go that way here) I would really like this man to explain this. He has opened himself up to this by appearing on camera and “defending” himself, his church and his infamous remarks.

Reverend Wright, in what possible context, if indeed any, would these remarks be considered “OK”? In my mind, and I have tried to think this through from all possible angles, there is no context ever that makes those remarks OK. Period.

Rev. Wright claimed in the interview with Bill Moyers that these remarks were taken out of context and turned into sound bites to make him appear to be anti-American, un-patriotic and to be a person who preaches hate. he insists that this was all done to smear Barrack Obama in his bid for the democratic nomination.

Well Rev. Wright, the thing I have to say is this those words are not OK, not ever, not for any reason. They ARE words that show a lack of patriotism and love for your country, they are words conveying obvious and blatant hatred. There is no context, no situation, no rationalization that will ever convince people of that. if it walks like a duck sir…well we all know the rest of that saying.

Next I find it very interesting that though the Rev. says these are a “few” comments “taken out of context” there were many of them deriding America, Italians, Jews, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Natalee Holloway and more. These comments were released and sold by the church in a box set labeled “The Best of Reverend Jeremiah Wright” so in my view that shows that this is not out of context at all in fact if you throw in the church bulletins with letters from Hammas printed in them and articles praising said letters and the terrorist’s who wrote them you get a very good idea that this church is completely in line with this way of thinking at the very highest levels. They love this guy and his sermons so much they put all this crap on DVD for sale! The best of indeed! They are obviously quite proud of this man and his hateful “message”.

I constantly read and hear people defending this moron. They also claim this stuff is out of context, turned into soundbites and used to smear the “Good Pastor”. It is in the media ad nausem that it is “taking away from the good things he does for the church and the community”. My response is one, if he didn’t say that horrible crap it wouldn’t be there to turn into soundbites. Two, how can anything that comes from such hatred do any good for the church or community? It would seem to me to be the exact opposite. In fact I would say the Rev. has done far more harm with these kind of statements and this has harmed the community and the country. Dr Martin Luther King Jr. would have been very ashamed of these kind of remarks. This is not what he fought for nor is it right by any stretch of the word.

Shame on you Rev. Wright!


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