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Hillary has had far worse satire made about her and has had lots of mean spirited insults hurled at her in this election season and all along but especially when she was the First Lady. Didn’t hear Obama complaining about any of that. Nope he has comedians making jokes about menopause and ho’s.

Remember all those Hillary nutcrackers and the Bros before Ho’s T-shirts? How about the very real attacks she dealt with on a daily basis in the media? Like when they said she was only in the race because Bill had an affair or when they said she was pimping out her daughter? How about when she was ridiculed for her hairstyles, not being a cookie baker, her pantsuits, her laugh, her voice?

They compared her to their mother-in-law, their ex-wife at probate and wondered if America would stand for watching a woman president age? Sound familiar? This stuff was all sanctioned by the Obama campaign although they wanted us to think the oppisite.

He attacks and then claims everyone is attacking him. He and his big mouth wife say all kinds of crude, inappropriate things in public and even on video tape and yet they whine that it’s not fair to attack them like that when they are called on it. “I’m proud of my country for the first time in my adult life..” springs to mind as does “How can you run the whitehouse if you can’t run your own” or “He’s been my spiritual mentor”, “Typical white person”, “God Damn America”? Ok paraphrasing here but we’ve all heard it so many times we know it by heart anyway.

So it’s ok to critisize and attack his opponents and he will, if forced to, make some weak comment and try to brush it off or better yet insist that although yes, there was sexisim in the campaign, it was not harmful to Mrs. Clinton (OOOHH it really pisses me off when he calls her Mrs. and NOT Senator! It’s called RESPECT and she has earned it!) and furthermore, according to Obama, there was more than one woman who was battered by it. WTF???

Seriously, he can barely admit that Hillary had to deal with a plethora of sexisim and that he and his supporters were behind a lot of it. Yet we are supposed to feel sorry for Michelle because she got attacked for stupid crap that actually came out of her own f-ing mouth! 

Sorry! I don’t feel one bit sorry for her she brought every bit of it on herself. I DON’T condone sexisim ever and do not condone it against Michelle Obama any more than I do against Hillary Clinton. Having said that I can hardly see how they can complain about attacks for something one has actually said or done!

Oh, that’s right, I forgot. The Obamas are supposed to be special and to be treated with kid gloves. After all they are both where they are today because of affirmative action and special, preferential treatment. Before you start sreaming I will say I don’t have  a problem with affirmative action in general. I think it was created to try and level the field and hopefully it will eventually die a quiet and respected death after the field has been deemed at least mostly level. Having said that I don’t think it should have any place in our political election process.

When you are talking about electing the people to represent all of us and to be in charge of our country then I beleive it is our duty to elect the people we trust to do the job best and the people who have earned the right to do so with their service and commitment to this country. I don’t believe that means propping up someone who lost a contest by huge margins and calling them the clear winner and calling the actual winner of said contest a loser!  I don’t believe a 36 or a 41 point win is meaningless regardless of what the media idiots tell me.

I also don’t believe John Edwards when he says the party has spoken and so has he because it made no sense coming on the heels of such an astronomical loss. Every time he lost big we saw a trotting out of super delegates claiming he was the clear winner and we better get behind him. Yet if he were really the clear winner as they wanted us to believe we would not have needed them to come out and tell us so. It would have been obvious. You know like the DNC bias that’s as plain as the nose on your face.

These are the tactics of Senator Obama. Throw shit as far and as fast as you can then duck and cover. You can blame it on someone else and drive over them with your bus, ‘er I mean campaign. Cry that you are being persecuted for being black and then call everyone who disagrees with you, regardless of the reason a racist or republican and every word spoken or written against you  a smear whether it’s true or not. If they complain about the shit you threw at them just say that yes there was some shit but they were not the only ones who got some on them. So what if it was on your hands!  The last rule is the most important. If the media quits bringing you presents and starts depicting you realisticly come out with a statment saying that it’s tasteless and inexcusable making sure they don’t see your guys working on your next smear campaign.

Honestly, I don’t care much for the cartoon either but if Obama wants to run for president then he should be at least as tough as his competition and not expect to be treated like royalty or some spoiled, rich brat that people cow-tow to. In short grow up and deal with it because if he were to ever get elected this is probably mild compared to the attacks he would undoubtably endure as president. If you can’t take the heat….


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Well I don’t know about any of you but I had a decent weekend. It wasn’t too hot here in the high 80’s and low to mid 90’s. Nice but not too hot!

Apparently one of my posts 


was used by Obamabots on Yahoo answers as I had several visits yesterday from there I decided to see what was up. Kind of comical. The comments I mean.

What Will Obama Supporters do If Puma gets their way some how?

This Puma thing where they are pretty much black mailing the DNC to make Hillary the Nominee. I myself don’t think it will change anything. If they did that, I am sure some group that supports Obama would turn around and say the same thing.
But if some how Hillary pulls out an the nominee. How will Obama supporters react? Key word hear is Obama supporters, not Hillary supporters.

PUMA Call to Action; Let the DNC know you won’t be supporting Obama in November and OH, by the way we won’t be sending the DNC any money either https://caffinequeen.wordpress.com/2008/0…

  • 14 hours ago
  • 3 days left to answer.
  • Here’s the link:  http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AsJVEq9zdJUdgaG75EaSSYTS7BR.;_ylv=3?qid=20080713152431AAUHOKh

    Fricking Bots! I notice some Hillary supporters commenting there too! i’m still composing my own special  response. ;^0

    So they’re calling us blackmailers now! Hmmm! Wait a minute! I thought they said using the word black in any negative context was racism???? I mean if you can’t say black hole, black sheep and black-balled then they should not use such a word as blackmail right? Doesn’t that make them racists by their own standards?? I’m just sayin’!

    Funny how they see our demanding fair treatment for our candidate as extortion isn’t it? So then if things had been the other way around and their candidate had been robbed of rightfully earned delegates, constantly attacked and called a racist, persecuted by the media, and pretty much forced out of the race in spite of a long history in which no other candidate has ever been pushed and strong armed out of their right to compete they would not be demanding fair treatment, respect and the same treatment that every democratic candidate has been granted automatically in the past? They wouldn’t consider that blackmail now would they? The hypocrisy of these people is unprecedented! Apparently, if you drink the kool-ade, all judgement goes out the window and instead is replaced with a perverted sense of justice that only goes in one direction!

    I think I’ll just post a link to this post there instead of respondindg seperately. Unless that could be called racist…..   ;^I



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    This video clearly outlines SOME of the reasons many of us will NOT be voting for Obama. His supposed claim to fame is that he is “Above the Fray”, a “Uniter” and a “Different Kind of Politician” yet we can see from the words that have come out of HIS OWN MOUTH AND PEN that he is in fact NONE OF THESE THINGS!

    He is like a bratty child who is absolutley convinced that he is the one who is getting picked on, messed with and in general, he would have us believe he is the ULTIMATE VICTIM.

    What’s wrong with that you ask? Well for starters it goes against every supposed character trait he’s been campaigning on. Uniter that he is and such. Being as he doesn’t really want his candidacy to be about race.

    Right! HE and HE ALONE has made this ALL ABOUT race from the very beginning! Before you start with me THINK about it carefully! He constantly seems to be complaining and whining that he’s the victim. His surragates and supporters respond to ANY non-positive remarks or views with the charge of automatic racism. YUP! If you question Obama, or you don’t vote for Obama, or you don’t love Obama and think that everything he does is okey dokey then you are a racist plain and simple. No two ways about it! Just ask ANY Obama supporter or MSM Talking Head and they’ll let you know that in a hurry!

    I know there is real racism and i know that as a person of color Obama has definitely had to deal with racisim in his life as well as in this election. However I refuse to believe that ANY opposition to him is racisim! I am positive there are people who will or will not vote for him for no other reason than the color of his skin. I am just as positive that if he were really “Above the Fray” as he says he would not spend so much time complaining and accusing everyone who doesn’t support him of bigotry and racism.

    Are Affirmative Action and Political Correctness so rampant in our society that we can no longer question or discern the quality and character of political candidates for our selves with our own powers of judgement BEFORE we decide who to vote for?? Or are we so far gone we just wait to be told by the powers that be and blindly follow?

    Come on people! Wake up! Every great leader has gone through a vetting process! Why is Obama being given the Royal Treatment and a free pass? Are we still in America?

    Ask Larry Sinclair folks! He probably feels more like he’s in communist Russia tight now! The Obama campaign and supporters have gone to great lengths to try and shut him up. They have even trumped up a fraudulent warrant and forced him into paying for a lawer to fight something that never happened. This is AFTER they arrested him, transported him to Delaware without ever showing him a warrant, did NOT allow him a phone call, access to his ATTY. or even his prescription medication for 5 days!

    If he’s such a crack-pot and he’s a liar then why go to all that trouble? Why bother at all? In fact if he’s really a liar why don’t they take him to court for slander??

    Because Larry Sinclair is most likely telling the truth that’s why!

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    Entry for May 15, 2008

    I just read a transcript of an interview with Hillary Clinton, presidential candidate. I’m trying to find it again so I can post a link but here was what really bothered me. I’m paraphrasing here but the question was put to the Senator.

    Do you realize that the convention date, August 31st is the anniversary of the famous “I have a Dream” speech and wouldn’t it be a great thing to announce to the party, the country and the world, especially on that symbolic day, that we have nominated the first African American President? What would you say to those who feel your campaign is an attempt to deny that? What will you say to those who think you should step aside to let that happen?

    Here is my question. How is it any more or less historic for either candidate? Granted if we go back in history it would not have been legal for either candidate to run for office much less have a serious shot at winning.

    Why is it that we are being pressured to use emotion over the “historic” aspects above all else and why only in reference to Senator Obama but not Senator Clinton? More importantly why are we being told that we “should” vote for Obama because it’s historic and not to do so would be “racist” when in fact we should be considering many other things first above and beyond the Historic, Racial or Gender factors?

    Namely, I’m talking about such things as abilities, knowledge, experience and in general the best person for the job. Are we so PC now days that we will base our precious votes on affirmative action style selection? Really? Not who will do the best but who “should” win because it’s “Historic”? Not who we trust? Who we know can win but whoever we deem the “most deserving” because of history?

    I’ll be the first to admit that affirmative action is a good thing in many ways. It has made it easier for some to have access to schools, jobs and other things most take for granted and things that some of these people would be otherwise unfairly disadvantaged. That’s what it was set up to do.

    Having said that I don’t think it should be given even the smallest consideration when it comes to nominating and electing presidential candidates. I want the candidate that has the best, strongest chance to win and the candidate who is most qualified and will do the best job period. I guess if that makes me a “racist” then I’ll just have to deal with it!




    OK one more thing here. Can you imagine if things were reversed say for argument’s sake that the convention were to fall on some historic day for women like perhaps, the day they were given the right to vote (it’s not on that day of course but I need an example here to make my point) Now imagine a reporter asking Senator Obama those questions.

    Senator do you realize the date of the convention is the on the date that women were given the historic right to vote? Wouldn’t it be great Senator for the party, the country and the world if we could announce at the convention that we have just nominated the first Woman for President? What do you say to those who say your campaign is an effort to deny that? Would you be willing to step aside to allow this historic, symbolic victory for women’s rights to take place?

    Please! Do you think for one second anyone would even try that? Or that it would fly if they did? Do you think Senator Obama would consider stepping down for those reasons? Of course not and he shouldn’t. Would he be called a sexist for not backing down to this pressure? No.

    People want Hillary to back down exactly because she does have a chance at beating him. If they didn’t think so they wouldn’t be trying to guilt her into giving up! Remember folks Ron Paul is still in the race with his 19 delegates and heading to the convention floor. Nobody is screaming for him to get out or calling him “divisive”. They would never tell a team to walk off the field because they were ‘going to lose anyway” and the only reason they think they can get away with it now is because they expect Hillary to “get in line and do as she is told like a woman should”.

    All I can say is this they are not very realistic on that one! Hillary Clinton is no shrinking violet no not your typical “girl” at all! She’s a fighter and a winner!

    And oh by the way, she’s not going anywhere!

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    Entry for May 09, 2008
    Political Correctness and it’s roll in the Democratic Primary

    Ok I guess in a way we have modern American society to blame for the current situation. Well, that and the mainstream media with whom I place a good deal of blame as well.

    Unfortunately, this is a case of good intentions gone wrong, horribly wrong! We all know being “PC” is, or at least it started out that way, is all about politeness and not making folks feel dicriminated against or sterotyped.

    Having said that I think we also know that often this can go too far overboard and cause the very thing it is meant to protect against. For instance, we often go so far to not discriminate against one perceived group that we in fact reverse-discriminate and consequently discriminate against those not in that group. Not the intended consequences but the result all the same.

    This is playing out daily in the current primary. The proof is in the pudding as they say. Just look around and you can’t help but trip over that proof even if we are constantly being told otherwise by the above mentioned “media”.

    We keep hearing how people “should” vote Obama because it’s history in the making! “Black people have never been this close before and should be allowed to be proud.”

    I’ve heard them all but they fail to mention it is also an historic first for a woman to get this far. Women have also been held down and discriminated against. We want to be proud too. (In fact we ARE quite proud of Senator Clinton, the first woman to get this far and the candidate who can take the heat and stay in the kitchen until the much anticipated “cake” is done! No pre-mature “Mission Accomplished” speeches from her!)

    Any and every attempt by Senator Clinton, her surragates, supporters and the occasional brave, honest news report to oppose Senator Obama is immediately met with an outcry of racisim. even expressing any positive opinions about senator Clinton on most internet message boards will be met with strident cries of the same ilk.

    It is a shame that we have come to the point wher one cannot express their opinion without being labled racist even when the opinion has nothing at all to do with race. Simply stating a preference for another candidate or saying anything at all in the vein that you have questions or qualms about Senator Obama and you are racist. Plain and simple, that’s it, there is no argument allowed.

    No matter that the “media” has been talking for weeks about how Obama could get the “White Blue Collar Vote” and saying it’s a problem for him (You know because of us “Racists!) but should a surrogate or even the candidate herself mention this problem and point out that she has strength in this area and she is “Playing the Race Card”. Funny, I thought she was making a legitimate point. The DNC needs those votes to win in November and we WILL lose without them.

    That’s a fact. You can look it up and verify it. However according to Sernator obama, his surragates, supporters and the “Talking Heads” (media pundits) it is NOT a fact, it is blatant racisim.

    I ask you this, who is being blind and naive here? Do these people really think they can win the election with their “elite” and African American base alone? Do they not understand the concept of an election and the fact that this great country is full of all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds and therefore to win we must appeal to as many of these people as possible?

    Apparently they do not understand this and they are seriously deluded if they think this country will elect someone who can’t grasp this fact.

    Senator Obama, quit whining and crying “racisim”. Try to stand up and be the leader you portray yourself as and stand on your merits and not
    on guilt tactics. In short Senator, grow up and fight fair or go home!

    To supporters of Senator Obama and the “Media”: Don’t call me racist and claim I won’t vote for a black president because in fact, I would vote for black president, just not for Barrak Obama as he is too in-experienced, he has far too many “friends” who can be traced to terrorists and he is not qualified for the job. Oh, yeah I almost forgot the last and most important reason: He can’t win because of the above mentioned faults and the “Anti-American, Anti-White vibes he gives off. Most voters don’t care for that kind of stuff.

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    Entry for April 25, 2008

    OK I cannot remain silent! (A fact that many of you have known for quite a while now! LOL!) I absolutely must say this about the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.


    If you leave politics aside (which I admit I have a hard time doing so in this instance but for the sake of argument we’ll go that way here) I would really like this man to explain this. He has opened himself up to this by appearing on camera and “defending” himself, his church and his infamous remarks.

    Reverend Wright, in what possible context, if indeed any, would these remarks be considered “OK”? In my mind, and I have tried to think this through from all possible angles, there is no context ever that makes those remarks OK. Period.

    Rev. Wright claimed in the interview with Bill Moyers that these remarks were taken out of context and turned into sound bites to make him appear to be anti-American, un-patriotic and to be a person who preaches hate. he insists that this was all done to smear Barrack Obama in his bid for the democratic nomination.

    Well Rev. Wright, the thing I have to say is this those words are not OK, not ever, not for any reason. They ARE words that show a lack of patriotism and love for your country, they are words conveying obvious and blatant hatred. There is no context, no situation, no rationalization that will ever convince people of that. if it walks like a duck sir…well we all know the rest of that saying.

    Next I find it very interesting that though the Rev. says these are a “few” comments “taken out of context” there were many of them deriding America, Italians, Jews, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Natalee Holloway and more. These comments were released and sold by the church in a box set labeled “The Best of Reverend Jeremiah Wright” so in my view that shows that this is not out of context at all in fact if you throw in the church bulletins with letters from Hammas printed in them and articles praising said letters and the terrorist’s who wrote them you get a very good idea that this church is completely in line with this way of thinking at the very highest levels. They love this guy and his sermons so much they put all this crap on DVD for sale! The best of indeed! They are obviously quite proud of this man and his hateful “message”.

    I constantly read and hear people defending this moron. They also claim this stuff is out of context, turned into soundbites and used to smear the “Good Pastor”. It is in the media ad nausem that it is “taking away from the good things he does for the church and the community”. My response is one, if he didn’t say that horrible crap it wouldn’t be there to turn into soundbites. Two, how can anything that comes from such hatred do any good for the church or community? It would seem to me to be the exact opposite. In fact I would say the Rev. has done far more harm with these kind of statements and this has harmed the community and the country. Dr Martin Luther King Jr. would have been very ashamed of these kind of remarks. This is not what he fought for nor is it right by any stretch of the word.

    Shame on you Rev. Wright!


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