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Hat tip to Ace over on Uppity’s site. This video is chilling to say the least.

Hmmm! Not long ago I had quite an argument with a friend about how O and his Bots were just the new Natzis and would be carting dissenters off to camps. She said I was “crazy” or “right-wing” that Obama would never. Then we heard about the Missouri Truth Squad and their threats to “go after” anyone daring to air negative ads about The One.

We also talked about Bill Ayers who she fondly called a “distinguished scholar and proffessor who had simply excersised his right to protest an unjust war” as if he were just some guy standing around at rallies with a sign and a megaphone. But as you can see Ayers and his organization The Weather Underground did far more than protesting at some rallies.

It is an undisputed fact that they set bombs and some of those bombs killed people. The Bots have tried saying that they didn’t kill anybody or that Ayers was not personally involved in the instances where people died. Total bullshit! Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dorn were fugitives for a decade and only escaped prison on technicalities. Ayers founded and ran the group.  As such he was responsible for all the bombings and acts of terror carried out by this group!

Bots will also tell you that Ayers and Obama are NOT cnnected other than living in the same neighborhood r that they barely know each other. WRONG! Obama launched his career from Ayers’ living room and They workerd together very closely on the board of the Woods Fund and the Annenburg Challenge during which they funneled money to ACORN, Trinity United Church of Christ and many other radical groups. The main focus was supposedly education but in reality it was to propmote radical change in the public school system in the vien of political and social ideas rather than actual educational goals. Obama wrote a blurb for one of Ayers’ books. They shared an office for a time.

Obama has always looked up to Ayers and has treated him like a mentor. I can see why he doesn’t want us to know that though. Because it looks bad. It looks bad because it IS bad!

The Bots scream “Guilt by association” yet there’s an old, and wise saying. Birds of a feather flock together. All the birds in the flock Obama hangs with seem to be radical extremists and criminals, people who hate the rest of us. I have not yet seen one of his “good friends” that is a credible and decent person. Rezco, Wright, Kahlidi, Auchi, Odinga, Ayers, Farrakkan, Phleger and the list goes on and on and not one of them I would invite over for dinner!

Let’s make this viral. The truth needs to be told loudly to get heard over all the lies and media crap!

Nobama in November! Country 1st!




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That’s right! He may be a registered Republican but like Sarah Palin and others he has been maligned and mocked, he has had his privacy invaded and his personal information spread throughout the world wide web for all to see. In short he has become the target of the Obamabots.

We PUMAS know what that’s like. We know it quite well. You need not commit a crime, no all you have to do is question The One or speak out against him and you will soon find yourself in the same situation as Joe.

The only “crime” Joe the Plumber committed was asking a simple question of the Democratic Candidate for president. He wanted to know how Obama’s tax plans would affect his future. He wanted to know why if he worked harder and was successful he would be punished for that success. He wants to buy the business he’s been working for and he wants to keep the fruits of his labor. ( Imagine that! He wants to keep the money he earns! How scandalous! )

Obama basically mocked him and said we need to “spread the wealth around” said a bunch of hoo haw crap and basically he told Joe that if he is successfully through his hard work the tax plan would take some of Joe’s hard earned money and spread it around to those who weren’t so successful. Because you know Joe should feel bad and somehow guilty that those people aren’t successful right? I mean it must be Joe’s fault if some of those people don’t work or don’t achieve success on their own and Joe and the rest of us should be responsible for them right? Spread the wealth around!

And he wonders why people are calling him a Socialist or Marxist or just flat out the next Hitler! Yeah I said it!

Next we have the Media, Obama’s personal 527’s, jumping on Joe too! We’ve heard it from Biden too. “Well Joe doesn’t actually make $250,000 so he won’t be affected by the tax plan.”

NEWS UPDATE FOR OBAMA SURROGATES, SUPPORTERS AND THE MEDIA: It doesn’t matter how much money Joe makes or doesn’t make or if he would be affected by the tax plan. He has every right to ask the question and as a voter he deserves the respect of not only an honest answer but to not be attacked simply for asking! Obama wonders why people hate him?

There it is in print! Voters deserve respect from a candidate and any candidate of any worth knows that! You don’t ask for their votes and attack them publicly if they disagree or question you! It is not typically an incentive for support. He has to be the densest candidate ever to not see this simple, obvious truth.

They ( Obama supporters AND the MSM ) have now dug up everything they could on Joe the Plumber. We now know that Joe is his middle name and where he has lived previously. The Bots on Daily Kos have listed his address, the value of his home, his proffessional status, his tax liens, divorce records and all kinds of other private information that they have made public. A whole page dedicated to threads about Joe the Plumber.


Nice huh? They also went way overboard with Sarah Palin as we know but she is a public figure seeking office so some ( not all ) of that was to be expected but Joe the Plumber and so many more of us are neither yet the Bots seem to live to smear, threaten and harass all who refuse to worship their Idiot God.

What’s next? Joe the plumber T-Shirts? Probably already printing them. November can’t come soon enough!


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OK this will have to be quick as I’m already past my me-time limit for this morning!

I want to address two points in this post. Two points that BO supporters seem to keep ignoring but keep popping up. Pesky issues anyway!

As anyone who reads this blog can tell I have several problems with Barrack Obama and voting for him is something I don’t plan on ever adding to my to-do list.

I also post on several other blogs and forums and have argued passionately with many, many BO supporters. Some I call Obamabots, some are just Supporters and there are some I call Converts (former Clinton supporters who have decided to support Obama as is their right) the thing is that if you ask them about these two issues none will respond to the first and only converts will respond to the other.

Issue 1.  The intimidation tactics, the threats and the cyber harassment of Clinton supporters and anyone else who is not an Obama supporter. These things are real. They have been documented by many reliable sources. They are way above and beyond the pale when it comes to trying to persuede others to switch to Obama or shut up!

There are so many instances of people having their private information published, being impersonated by Obama supporters (mostly the Bot type), threats to their jobs and businesses, hacking of blogs and websites, coordinated attacks to shut down sites that oppose The One and even threats of actual physical harm and in some cases threats of death, all for not supporting their candidate and daring to speak or write openly about it.

As I said these incidents are many and well documented yet you will not find a supporter from any of the three groups I mentioned that will respond to questions and outrage over this. They simply ignore it and attack on another front.

I guess either they are involved (Bots), they are in denial (the Supporters and the Converts) or some may simply refuse to believe it because they are incredibly naive or ill-informed.

They flat out refuse to address the subject at all unless you are dealing with a particularly nasty bot and then they will simply turn up the heat and threaten you some more.

Question directed at the Supporters and the Converts. Why if your guy is so great and such a good choice would these kind of tactics be permitted let alone needed? if he’s such a great choice why do some people think they need to force him on us? if he was so great wouldn’t we all be jumping on the bandwagon?

Why will they not talk about this? Answer. It would sink him fast if the truth about this came out in the main stream media. To address it would be to admit it and they simply will not do that.

That means to me that getting the truth out about this is a high priority task. People should know who they’re really dealing with and the kinds of things he will do or allow his followers to do to get his way.

Issue 2.  Why is it that we hear and read so much from all three groups of followers (Bots, Supporters and Converts) that we must not be “real” or “good” democrats or even Americans if we speak against a fellow dem? I have seen and heard many times that we are committing some sort of crime or sin for critiquing a candidate for POTUS! Yes I have actually seen people say it is a crime to speak against a candidate. Some of those comments ironicly came from people who are not even Americans but live in foriegn countries by their own admision. So why do they get to say I am or am not a good democrat or American? They don’t! If you aren’t an American your opinion in the election does not matter one bit in reality.

Funny thing is these same people screaming “How dare you speak against a candidate!” will in the very same hot, baited, breath will go no and on, for hours sometimes, about Hillary and Bill Clinton being the axis of evil and the list of hateful crap they spew is almost endless and most of it untrue.

So it’s a sin or a crime to speak against a candidate for POTUS but to speak against Hillary Clinton is OK? Was she not also a candidate for the same position? Not only was she a candidate she is also a distinguished, accomplished (not to mention loved) Senator from New York AND a former First Lady!

Apparently it’s ok to speak against her though. I mean you can’t speak against a candidate unless it’s Hillary or John McCain. I notice the “Don’t speak against a candidate” rule doesn’t apply to him either.

So let’s get this straight. You cannot speak against Obama because he’s a candidate for POTUS and to do so would be some sort of crime or horrible sin and as a candidate he must be treated with utmost respect, not to mention kid gloves! He should be given that as a matter of respect because he’s a candidate.

On the other hand Hillary Clinton a candidate for the same office, a Senator with a record of accomplishments and a former First lady of the US does apparently NOT deserve or get the same respect.

John McCain a candidate for the same office, a former war hero and a Senator with a record of accomplishments does not deserve or get the same respect.

So, have we got that right? In other words it’s all BULLSHIT! Barrack Obama does not magicly qualify, deserve nor is he entitled to this privilaged status as the most “respected” one! If you have to respect one candidate as such and as a Senator WTF are they thinking that the other candidates (including our former First Lady) are free game?

Who does he think he is anyway? God? Far as I know the only “rule” about not speaking against anyone that is real and concrete is in the Bible where it says “Thou shalt not Blaspheme!” I dont think they were talking about Obama! (Though many of his followers would most likely disagree. He is The One after all!) Puke Alert!

That’s really leveling the playing field there Barky! Yeah! Typical Obama hypocracy! Give The One the advantage since he obviously is so out matched I guess they’re trying to make up for his shortcomings by giving him a “handicap”.

I guess since he is so inept the powers that be (Gag) feel it’s only fair to handcuff his opponents’ supporters with the ‘ol “You can’t say that!” crap! Fair? Level? Right? NOT EVEN CLOSE!

One can’t help but observe that Clinton and McCain supporters are NEVER heard claiming people do not have the right to say whatever they choose to. It’s called Free speech and both of those polticians know a little bit about that.

Well guess what folks this is still America and last time I checked it is not against the law to speak against a candidate. Nor is there a law that says Barky must not be spoken ill of. Free country! Free Speech! Do your homework Obama supporters! Look it up! No such “protection” exists. Not for your Messiah. Not for anyone.

Oh Fuck! Oh, Dear! They really don’t teach Civics in school anymore do they?



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If you have not yet read this I will warn you! Do not read while you are drinking or eating as it may cause you to choke, spit your beverage onto your keyboard or puke!  Here you go:


“It’s downright nasty,” said Memphis superdelegate and City Council member Myron Lowery, who has shared dozens of the messages he’s received with The Commercial Appeal.

“I think it’s divisive for the ‘Support Hillary’ campaign to continue at this time. She made the decision to fully support Mr. Obama,” said Lowery. “I don’t know why they’re not taking their cue from Hillary and falling in line.”

Lowery said he does not believe Clinton herself is behind the effort, but that it’s “her supporters, acting on their own because they’re proud of what they have done for her.”

Damn straight we’re proud of what we’ve done for her! We’ve had to fight tooth and nail for her to get the traditional roll call vote that every other candidate has always been given as a matter of common practice. We’ve had to fight for every tiny bit of respect the Obama campaign and supporters have grudgingly paid her and her historic campaign.

We are proud of our candidate and our efforts for her. So what? Since when is that a crime? 

 BTW if I hear one more democratic official ask why we don’t just “fall in line” I may start a “mail your shit to the idiots” campaign! Wouldn’t that be fun! OK! I promise not to crap into an envelope and mail it if only for the sake of the poor postal workers who would have to deliver it but you see where I’m coming from. (No fun! No fun at all!)

Most of the messages Lowery has received from across the country come from Hillary supporters making the case that she won more voters’ votes in the primaries, she won bigger states, that Obama won states that won’t vote Democratic in November and that she is the only “elect-able” Democrat.

“Obama could not ‘seal the deal’ with voters during the primaries,” said one message Lowery received Tuesday from a Sacha Millstone, a Colorado delegate to next week’s convention. “The more voters got to know him, the more voters chose Hillary Clinton…

“Democrats must offer voters the candidate with the best chance of winning in November, the experienced candidate who understands the problems we face and the solutions we need — Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

Hmmmm…so these are the “Thug tactics” the article was complaining about. So I take it voting for the person you think is the best for the job and asking for the delegates to vote according to the votes that were cast is thuggery. Apparently it is according to this author.

I suppose that Bartholomew Sullivan, the author of this utterly and completely biased piece of so called journalism thinks that these “Thug Tactics” he talks about are worse than the intimidation, harassment, threats to people’s businesses, reputations and physical well being pale in comparison? The tendencies of Obama supporters to portray all dissenters as “Racists” and “Closet Republicans” as well as bitter, typical, white, old, female, bitter, dead-enders, holdouts, menopausal hysterics is not thuggish at all?

I guess he thinks that Obama supporters who make threats and use other people’s screennames and email addresses to make false comments on sites and sign people up for MyBarrackObama blog accounts without their knowledge or consent is not underhanded in any way either? How about when they try 50 – 75 times per day to change a Hillary supporter’s password on a site that they post at? (Does the word Hack mean anything?) Or when they coordinate attacks on anti-Obama blogs and forums causing them to shut down, get locked or simply cause an error message I guess that’s supposed to be “friendly and civil”?

In a PUMA (which stands for “party unity my ass” to some but for the official organization it stands for People United Means Action) statement sent to Lowery last Friday, the group wrote that it was “ashamed of the strong-arming, political threats and thinly-veiled ‘suggestions’ that have been sent to Democratic delegates and superdelegates’ during this primary season. These ‘thug’ tactics appear to be increasing as Senator Obama begins the downward slide in the polls and Senator Clinton’s support grows.”

Michael Gordon of Parker City, Ind., wrote Lowery Tuesday as representative of PUMA, noting that the Obama campaign spent $56 million in July “only to lose ground to (John) McCain…

“Where Obama once got a free pass on such despicable relationships with anti-American people such as Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Ayers, Rezko, Soros, Pfleger, Farakkhan — the American voters are beginning to realize what a questionable and shady past this man has led,” Gordon writes.

Wow! How thuggish! They actually expect the DNC to consider whether or not this guy can get elected? I mean that is so not the point right? I mean how bad of us PUMAS to point out the obvious! Like how he’s not polling well when you consider it should be a slam dunk for Dems this year.

Wow! That’s like, so racist and MEAN! I mean, like who cares if he’s more fake and crooked than Nixon and more wishy washy than Carter? Right? It’s definitely racist to pick the person who could actually win right?

This is all about Obama and getting an African American the nomination so we can say we’re the most progressive right? Winning in November is, after all, not the important thing right? ( OMG even when I’m trying to spoof them I almost puke from writing those words!)

The good news as I see it is the word is getting out and that this idiot just gave PUMAS more free publicity! Thanks Bartholomew Sullivan! We need all the publicity we can get! I guess we should have pissed off the Kool-Ade drinkers sooner!

I recently ran into an old on-line friend in another forum that is totally unrelated to politics. We have a lot in common. We’re both former residents of the same “fly-over” state, both feel strongly about many of the same issues, especially on issues regarding children, women, human rights, protecting our environment and many other things.  She recently graduated college, got a new, exciting job and moved to another state.

I was thrilled to hear from her after such a long time. She posted something about Veep-stakes and I responded. (It’s not a political forum but people still do mention politics occasionaly.)

The response I got back stunned and disspaionted me. Same ‘ol, same ‘ol lines we get from the Obamabots as well as the supposed “converts” after the primaries.


I guess we all know friends and family who feel this way but I still find it rather sad that they cannot look at the bigger picture here. 1. Who can actually win. 2. Country before party. 3. This guy is a fruad and has not been vetted. Below is my response to her. I tried not to be too harsh as I really do value her friendship and intellect.

XXX (Name deleted by CQ);

I read your response yesterday and to be honest I had to think about it before I replied.

I’m really saddened that you feel Clinton lost because she “ran a crummy campaign” as I think she ran the only campaign she could. IE; One with both hands tied behind her back, If she had really gone after Obama on the things that will sink him, she would have been crucified and hung out to dry by the party for attacking a fellow dem on such things.

They would rather ignore those things and wait for the repubs to jump on them instead of actually vetting the candidate ahead of time.

We will have to agree to disagree because I don’t believe that Hillary ran a crummy campaign or that she lost fair and square and besides that this is about far more than Hillary. We’re (PUMAS) still upset that the party totally screwed Michigan and Florida and then they gave uncommitted votes to a guy who’s name was not even on the ballot not to mention the 4 delegates that were taken from Clinton that were earned based on actual votes counted for Clinton because the wanted to reflect the will of the voters who did not do thier duty and get off their asses to actually vote. In my recollection the fair reflection rule was meant to reflect the will of the voters not those who didn’t vote.

More than even that is the fact the DNC leadership has been deeply biased from day one. Every time he lost big (West Virginia anybody? He got handed his ass.) a parade of supers came out to bolster him and in particular Edwards the big fraud who went on about family values and poor, working class folks and said he would not endorse before the end of the primaries came out immediately after WV to say the voters had spoken and so had he. Yes the voters spoke alright 46 point win for your opponent does not translate into voter support of your candidacy.

The thing that pisses me off most is the dismissiveness from Obama and his supporters as if not counting votes as cast is perfectly allright this year even though we were all screaming about it the last two elections. I guess it’s ok as long as it’s dems suppressing the vote.

Then we have the assumption that there are only a few holdouts and they’re mostly older, white, bitter women. I know for a fact there are a lot more than a few of us who will not vote for Barky and I also know that many of us are not gerriatric, menopausal and on our last, bitter, racist legs. It really pisses me off that half the party is being dismissed and dissed this way and they expect us to “come around”. Give me a break! If they were to actually try treating Hill’s supporters with any measure of respect they might have half a chance.

I actually thought very highly of the senator before this race started and I saw how he treated not only Hill and her supporters but the disdain he has for anyone who dares to question him. The conclusion put out by his camp that any and all critics are absolutely racist as they don’t believe anyone could possibly have any other reason to not vote for him. This is an insult!

Turn it around and ask an Obama supporter if they made their decision soley based on race see how offended they get. It’s just as stupid to believe on either side. Are there people who will vote or not vote Obama based soley on race? YES on BOTH sides. Does that mean everybody that will/won’t vote for him is doing so based soley on race? OF COURSE NOT!

I have been threatened, had my personal info published on the net (outed if you will),had horrible emails and comments made in my name by Obama supporters impersonating me, I have had them contact the Board of Realtors in my state and try to defame me, they have threatened my business, contacted proffessional organizations in my name and many other atrocities simply because I don’t agree with and will not vote for Obama. His thugs are more than enough reason for me.

So XXX (name deleted by CQ), I respect you and your opinion as well as your right to hold one different from my own but I respectfully disagree with your assesment.

I totaly agree about him picking a female VP that is not Hillary will be political suicide though and I would hope that he knows it too.

All I can say is this:
It ain’t over until it’s over! I promise if I turn out to be right about the convention or November I will do my best not to say I told you so!

Also people who claim Hill is doing this because she’s power-hungry or feels entitled are wrong. She is doing this as are many of us because we feel strongly that country comes before party and obama is a threat to both. She is doing everything she can to try and save the party and the country.

I do not want McCain either but if it is close in my state I may have to vote republican for the first time in my life because I feel that strongly that Obama must be defeated for America’s sake.


Something tells me she won’t be happy with my response any more than I was with hers but I have to honest about my feelings. I don’t believe in fake, pandering quasi-agreement. EDITED BY CQ TO ADD SHE WASN’T HAPPY ABOUT IT AT ALL AND AS YOU CAN SEE SHE ASKED TO HAVE HER COMMENTS REMOVED. i HAVE DONE SO. HOPEFULLY SHE AND I CAN REMAIN FRIEND BUT IF SHE NO LONGER WANTS TO THEN I WILL CONSIDER IT A LOSS BUT HER DECISION NOT MINE.



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Very interesting post on   http://obambi.wordpress.com/2008/08/13/payoffmedia/ makes one wonder if this is all bought and paid for. As in The One must have the best agent money can buy. Hollywood probably hand picked for him. If anybody knows how to fool the public it’s Hollywood right? It’s not to far a stretch to specualte this after all The One was taking acting lessons from George Clooney too.

Listen I have nothing against Hollywood in general. I like that they produce entertainment even if I don’t like everything produced. I simply excersise my right to free choice and change the channel/DVD/CD or whatever. Problem solved. Crisis averted.  I’m not one  who believes in restricting artists just what I choose to view/hear ect. (I confess I really, really wish the Reality TV folks would just get their own channel so I didn’t have to surf past them but I digress.)

I’m also not one who believes in restricting what news does/does not get reported with a few exceptions for National Security and such. I don’t think it’s smart to report that you are in such and such place with the troops getting ready to attack …or such and such precautions have been taken to prevent access from terrorists. You know I understand we have to censor things like that to protect ourselves but should that extend to protecting political candidates from scandals of their own making? Isn’t that helping to create a false image? Is that even ethical by any standard of journalism?

Yes, I do want to know if someone paid the media to keep the Edwards fiasco under wraps. I want to know if someone is being paid NOT to vet Obama in a serious manner. Are the Media being paid to keep the Larry Sinclair story under wraps? How about the Odinga, Rezco, Auchi and Ayers stories? George Soros’ real connections to Obama and the coup of the Democratic Party? How about ACORN and the falsified voter registration scandal? Um…. the (fake) birth certificate?

We know that the media has colluded with the DNC in protecting The One for their own reasons. The question is what are those reasons and/or are they related in any way to money and/or special considerations?

We know that most of the media refuses to report that the PUMA and JSND movement is real, headed by real democrats who are fed up not closet republicans and that they are gaining any traction. They are for the most part participating in the DNC created myth that the party is unified. Paid for?

How about the latest article from the “Seriously You’re Still Calling Yourselves A News Network?” folks at CNN.


But it would be the first time in the modern era of presidential primaries that a losing candidate has so visibly endorsed an opponent so many months before the convention, and then gone on to have his or her name placed in nomination.

According to this phony bit we are supposed to imagine that it is not customary to have a traditional roll call vote at the Democratic Convention. No, of couse it’s not! That’s why it’s always refered to as TRADITIONAL. Because it’s not CUSTOMARY right? Cheeeez and Crackers! Who is paying for this tripe might we ask? Who indeed?

This couldn’t possibly be a smoke screen to hide the fact that The One is afraid, yes VERY AFRAID of his former opponent could it?


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I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit lately. No matter who you are or what your reasons are for not supporting the presumptuous (and petulant) nominee if you express them in any way you will automatically be attacked and called all number of vile things and most of them contain the word racist.

You could go on for days about issues, policies, flip-flopping, electability, experience or rather lack thereof, accomplishments (again see lack thereof), Rezco, Wright, Auchi, Odinga, ACORN, and his reluctance, no more like his absolute refusal to answer any hard or meaningful questions as is and should be expected of any other candidate.

Any question that he does not like is met with an immediate charge of racism or McCain surrogacy, if not from The One himself then from someone in his camp. This then becomes a talking point and action plan in the pro-Obama blogisphere where any comment perceived as anti-Obama is gang attacked with similar disdain as if it makes the commenter beneath human merely for making it. Free speech is not something these people take seriously. In their opinion they are free to tell you what to speak.

I’ve decided that since they obviously cannot understand making a decision based on anything other than race that they must then base their own decisions based on race. I mean if that’s the only factor they think we could possibly use for our reasoning it seems they are really the ones who are focused on race.

Yes! I think that must be it! Obama supporters are all racists! They are only voting for him because he’s black! I mean if we are, as they claim, voting on race lines then they must be too! That must be how they know because it takes one to know one right? I mean I’m reasonably sure, make that positive, that they can’t read our minds to actually discern this reasoning.

It’s often said that people hate and go after in others the very thing they dislike about themselves.

Alright I guess that’s enough sarcasm and faulty thinking for one post! Hopefully it illuminates the stupidity and wrong thinking that makes people jump to conclusions without facts to back them up. IE: if you cannot read a person’s mind and see clearly the reasoning and opinions behind their decisions then don’t make judgements based on your own lack of knowledge or your own faulty opinions. Also if they blog or speak out about their decisions and reasoning perhaps you should actually see what they have to say before concluding it is based on race.

Obama supporters I ask you is your vote based on race? Is it or would it be fair to you to assume that it is? Can you not see the faulty logic there? 

The fact is that some people will not vote for him based on race and some people will vote for him for the same reason. I don’t believe for a minute that every voter bases decisions on that. Those that do, wrong as they are, do have a right to vote for or against whoever they want for whatever reason. It’s called the right to vote. It is constitutionally protected.  I don’t like racism or any isms. I don’t have a right to legislate people’s decisions in the voting booth though and neither do The Golden Idiot and his cult-followers. It’s personal choice and as such many personal opinions go into each individual vote. Not legislateable. Also it’s no body’s business unless the voter in question chooses to make it known.

Don’t get me wrong here. I am NOT sticking up for racists on either side of this debate (yes there is racism on BOTH sides). I am simply pointing out that should they chose to vote according to those kinds of narrow minded guidelines they are within their rights to do so. Obama and his supporters have no right to challenge why they vote as they do. Nor do they have a right to challenge why I will not vote for him let alone ignore the reasons I give and replace them with the standard, pat charge of racism.

It is this Thug Mentality that makes me even more determined to keep this arrogant, narcissistic Marxist out of office.He has already joined Dick Cheney and George W Bush in their quest to destroy our civil liberties and assault on our Constitution and according to some of his most ardent supporters we “will all pay a heavy price for daring to speak against Obama”. What’s next? Thought police? The bots already think they can tell what we are thinking next they will try to control our thought processes with mass hypnosis (commonly known as the Kool-Ade)!

I don’t drink Kool-Ade. Thanks but no thanks!



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I guess first the post’s from Techdude & Judah Benjamin on texasdarlin.wordpress.com in regards to the apparently fraudulent Certificate of Live Birth that has been posted on the Fight the Smears site the One set up to supposedly depose his detractors. Interestingly enough this could be much more problematic for the Senator than the original alleged “smears” themselves.

Consider this if the “smears” are indeed proved true then this site they set up to fight them and the “proofs” claimed on it are in fact “smears” themselves. First of all the term “smears” is not by any means a technical or official term. What we are really talking about here cannot be simply brushed off as “smears”. These are misrepresentation of facts and in some cases , such as the COLB if it is in fact proven a forgery, a criminal fraud.

Think about it. I am not an idiot. I know there are people who lie on and off the web every day. I know there are people who lie about others and those who lie about what others have said about them. I also know that if you want to present yourself as honorable, trustworthy and qualified to lead the USA as President you should not lie period. Not about yourself and not about those who accuse you rightfully.

I’m no judge or jury but I know that although there is much argument about the forgery even those who disagree about whether it’s a complete fake or a fake created over an existing erased document seem to be in general agreement that regardless the document in question is indeed a fake. So the question is if he had nothing to hide and these were all “smears” then why did he present a forgery instead of the real document? What are we to think about this in regard to the other “smears” the One is fighting?

Should someone who presents forged documents and fights supposed “smears” with lies be considered qualified, capable or morally acceptable for the office of POTUS? If you want a more in-depth report go to Texas Darlin’s site and explore away!

Next on the agenda the petition to impeach Senator Obama has been gaining signatures and apparently has been amended to add more charges. From what I read on the matter even Kenya has jumped on the bandwagon. They are a bit angry at the Senator for interfering in and speaking out against the then current government and in support of his cousin Railla Odinga. There has been much violence in Kenya since Odinga gained power and the US allied country blames in some ways Barrack Obama for interfering in their government and helping to get this current corrupt government in power. Plus they allege he misused his passport. For a much more detailed report on this check out citizenwells.wordpress.com Wells has more of the actual text and a link to the petition. Here is the post I’m talking about and please if you haven’t yet signed the petition DO SO NOW!


OK now for the next subject at hand. Some of you have been subjected, as have I, to the abuse and malice of The Mitch & Nan Show blog. A blog that’s entire purpose was to harass, intimidate, threaten and stalk Larry Sinclair and anyone who might possibly believe him, post comments to or visit his blogs.

I have written in the past on my blog about larry Sinclair and his claims that he had gay sex and engaged in the use of cocaine with Barrack Obama in 1999. This man has been subjected to all manor of abuse since making this claim and in fact the threats and interference in his life by others from M&N have made many even more convinced that Larry is indeed telling the truth. I don’t know for a fact one way or another. I was not there. The only people who do know for a fact are Larry Sinclair himself, Barrack Obama, the Limo Driver on the and anybody who the Good Senator may have told in order to gain their help with the cover-up.

As I said I do not know for a fact but it’s as obvious as the nose on your face that Obama has NOT SUED  and has not even posted a rebuttal on his Fight the Smears website. If Larry is lying why wouldn’t Obama sue him? If Larry is lying why are people like M&N so intent on shutting him up? To the point they have actually called law enforcement including the FBI to get Larry arrested, they have called the SSA (by their own written admission no less) to try and get his disability payments and medical coverage taken away from him?

Why would these people go to the trouble of orchastrating attacks on his blog hosts again and again to get his blog shut down and then brag in writing on their blog about having done so? M&N calim to be from France but they have been traced to Houston by some with more computer knowledge than me. They and those who post there and harrass from there use programs that mask their IP addresses so figuring out who they are and where they are is difficult at best. Why the ruse? If they are so sure they are right why hide behind a mask?

I’ll tell you why. They don’t want to be traced back because they know some of the things they have been doing are in fact illegal AND they probabaly are under strict orders not to let anyone find out who is really behind them and their agenda. Think about that one for a minute!

Well surprise, surprise what did I see yeaterday? The Mitch & Nan Show blog is shut down! Could it be that the hate and abuse they spew there finally caught up with them and the host actually shut them down?

According to Larry’s site, http://larrysinclair0926.com/ their host, Go Daddy.com, was served with a copyright infringement notice under the DMCA and they have been given notice to remove certain materials from it’s severers which are being used in direct violation of the law. Hmmmm so Go Daddy.com was served and now M&N are shut down. What conclusions can one draw from that bit of information?

I think it’s also important to note that go Daddy.com is also the web host for BarrackObama.com and other pro-Obama blogs some of which may also be involved in this situation. I’ll have to check out some of the opposition blogs and see if there are more of them shut down as a result of this.

All I can say is I won’t miss those assholes and their hate mail one bit. Funny it seemed to stop about the same time as their blog was shut down. Scared?



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